BERSERK Timelapse Art.

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. Hope you like it, and next week
I will to upload a new image, greetings!

Theme Berserk tv serie and Ova.

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I am so fired up by these last uploads...
walternonames's avatar
My love for Guts and Berserk is back!!!
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Un placer suscribirme a tu canal!!!! mil aplausos a tu talento :clap: :D!!! 
DazenCobalt's avatar
Just over two hours for this? *going by the timer* Jesus you are fast and amazing
TakasheiiTheWolf's avatar
beautiful work on the predator :clap:
Salvador-Raga's avatar
Lo haces ver tan facil, muy Buena tecnica Mauricio!
Purpleground02's avatar
Holy crap, I love how u paint the scales!
Quintenessence's avatar
And Charizard is my favorite pokemon as well! I got pokemon Blue for my tablet and got charmander. :3
Quintenessence's avatar
Your artwork is wonderful! I can't wait until I save up for my own graphic's tablet!
Tha-RIPPER's avatar
That was just...WOW!! I wish I could watch it in real time. Maybe cut it into 3 or 4 videos so I could learn more 
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lol you had your brush size at 666
Koogleblitz's avatar
do you only use smudge tool on scatter to blend?
Mintoons's avatar
Just watched the video. I'm rather impatient with art. I could never spend that long doing all those little things to the picture, but the finished product looks amazing.
TikeoDragon's avatar
Since Charizard is your favorite, how do you feel about the mega evolutions?
Rivvyn's avatar
That is fantastic! 
TricksyPixel's avatar
Really amazing to watch how you work!
Groudan383's avatar
Holy crap!!! You made Charizard look AWESOME!!!! I REALLY LOVE the design!!! :)
FantasyRebirth96's avatar
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excelente video he aprendido muchísimo ,muchas gracias  :) 
elgrimlock's avatar
Que bien! Ha valido la pena, saludos!
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