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O la Mole XD como prefieran.

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Ol blue eyes.  Need this on a tshirt.
Bulman66's avatar
Great work. The Thing is awesome
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This is definitely a must have...
joelosito's avatar
Awesome Ben Grimm!
Arctic-Squid's avatar
Fantastic! Ouch... bad pun. I could never pull off an accurate drawing of The Thing's face. You pulled the proportions off beautifully.
zippymax's avatar
Try making him look more like some type of dinosaur rather than a pile of orange rock, that should help.
Captain-Paulo's avatar
MUY bueno amigo^^
Purple-plastic's avatar
wao! q talento! tienes tremendos trabajos! sta buenisimo!
Otaplin's avatar
que increible don mauro se las mando muy buen dibujo, el color, las texturas y todo XD

esa luz media cian queda bkn ! XD
xmindtrickx's avatar
I agree with nudge1
nudge1's avatar
Very nice. I love the light effect on it.
UltimateTattts's avatar
Woohoo!! I'm ever so happy to have started watching u! Hell yeah, stunning pic! Yellows and blues are definitely a very good choice. Saludos!
ricey's avatar
Awesome color palette, I wish the thing looked like this in those god awful Fantastic Four movies they made.
zJoriz's avatar
Love the light and texture of it all. Great work!
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TPollockJR's avatar
Great color work here...
Hellwolve's avatar
In my eyes, the Thing is THE "big bruiser" in comics, even moreso than the Hulk...I mean, he's made out of 'stone' :D And this makes him look gooood :nod:
zippymax's avatar
Well, the Hulk is built for raw power, but the Thing is built for close quarters combat, and until he can get angry enough,, the Hulk is actually at a DISADVANTAGE whenever he fights the Thing, so in a way, you're absolutely RIGHT!
Hellwolve's avatar
That's about what I figured, yeah ;) Thanks for agreeing :D
zippymax's avatar
No problem! (And I'm sorry about my late reply!)
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