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Awesome piece of artwork.  Well done.
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Mi nombre es Sergi Justribó , soy de Barcelona, he puesto tu bonito trabajo en mi blog de mitos y leyendas.

Espero que estes de acuerdo. He puesto tu dirección deviantart,

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Nice Job drawing the egyptain goddess Tefnut.
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lion ride lion so funny hahaha
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Amigos míos!!! ... no es Sekhmet sino Tefnut

ocurre que ambas tienen rostro de leona, pero Tefnut está vinculada al fuego.

Iconografía segun Wikipedia

Mujer con cabeza de leona, con el disco solar y dos uraeus, el cetro y el anj. En compañía de Shu, como dos leones; y con forma de flamenco, en Buto.

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Sekhmet, amigo.
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wow, this is pretty badass :D
I like it I was wondering if I could use it on one of my Yugioh TCG Cards for its Pic I need a great pic for the card and this would be great
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She looks like she could also be Sekhmet. Lion Headed goddess of war and destruction.
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This one looks the most majestic in the series of ancient gods pictures.
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tiene gran similitud con las cartas MITOS Y LEYENDAS
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I love it... but isn't Tefnut the goddess of water or rain (her name meaning moist waters)

It looks like fire...
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She is the goddess of moisture and dryness. She was said to be mad at her father and ran away to nubia, there she turned herself into a lioness and went on a killing spree. Egypt soon dried and went into chaos and her father; Ra decided he wanted her to come back so her brother-husband Shu went to go get her. He brought her back and she gave moisture back to all the cities. After that she was shown with a head of a lioness or as a full lioness but rarely as a woman.
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Hehehehehe. Kick some bootay, Tef!
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This one has great energy to it. You just HAVE to be sorry at whoever that lion has his eyes set on.
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Ahhh esta muy lindo! me gusta cuando haces dibujos con movimiento. tambie me gustan mucho los estáticos, :rofl: creoque me gustan todos ^^; Ad+ soy fanática de los felinos, y como de tus dibujos este no es el mas faveado, yo pongo mi granito de arena :#1: besotes!:hug:
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Wow, that is exquisite. I love it, nice work =]
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prefero Sekhmet... =p

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