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Hi! Check in my journal some time-lapse videos of my work…
Please suscribe :) (Smile).

Shoggoth is ... well,
a Lovecraftian thing that needs a hug,
poor guy.
It is truly an image to Pathfinder last year and was looking for something different to upload.
Greetings to all.
Shoggoth, es...
bueno, una cosa lovecraftiana que necesita un abrazo,
porechito! XD.
En verdad es una imagen para Pathfinder del año pasado, y estaba buscando algo diferente para subir.
Saludos a todos!

Some Oldies : 2007 --------------------------------------------
Black Dragon Attack by el-grimlock
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This is fantastic! Would it be possible to share your art on a horror blog along with a brief interview and plugs for whatever you want to share?
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Great rendition of a Shoggoth.
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That's a mighty fine shoggoth you got there.
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Very simple, but very accurate. Nice work.
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This is an excellent illustration of a shoggoth.  It carries forward the ideas expressed by Lovercraft in At the Mountains of Madness, which is no mean feat.  It's certainly much better than many other depictions I have seen.  As for hugs... well, I'm thinking that would be one terminal hug.
I love your work.  You are far and away my favorite artist on Deviant.
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Man, I can just hear the sounds this creature makes in my head.  Awesome
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kinda reminds me of a invader from getter robo
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tekeli li 
tekeli li
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Call me insane but I think it's cute ....
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I love Lovecraft's work. And while digging into some facts about him, I found out that I'm a descendant of his family. I fell in love with At The Mountains of Madness and you have done an awesome interpretation of the Shoggoth in the story! :)
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Come here boy, give me a hug! AHHHHHakljhsdouldoijaosidj!!
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"Shoggoth is ... well,
a Lovecraftian thing that needs a hug"

I'm pretty sure hugging a shoggoth is a top contender for "the worst thing you could possibly do," ranking up there with "spacewalking without a helmet" or "teabagging a pitbull."

Still, great illustration.
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no había explorado tu galería. veré si tienes más cosas de eich pi el

ojala encuentre alguna ilustracion de hastur P:
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i heard about this elder god from Justice League » The Red House a fanfic on
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Now that's brilliant.
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Op, i just went insane. Brb.

Nice rendition!
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Not sure if Cthulhu mythos, or just girl without make up.
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That's not funny. 
DarthDestruktor's avatar
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esta buenisimo!!!! =D
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Awesome detail! Really cool, despite being creepy!
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