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I born in La Serena, northern Chile, and worked as an illustrator since the age of 19.

Usually I try to work on projects that blend themes as superheroes, anime, epic fantasy and scifi, etc.

Currently i live in Las Vegas working like freelance for worldwide companys, principally in the trading card area art, character design for video games.

Here some clients along my recents years like profesional.

Sony, God of War.

Blizzard, World of Warcraft.

Capcom and Jasco Games, Street Fighter the Miniature Game.

Applibot, Legend of the Cryptids.

Paizo, Pathfinder.


Fantasy Flight Games.

Ucan, Crimson Legends.

Favourite Visual Artist
Frank Frazetta, Simon Bisley, Kawajiri, Alcatena, Mario Igor..
Favourite Movies
Conan the barbarian, Blade runner, Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust,Mononoke hime, Labyrinth... a lot
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Raphsody, Dragonforce, Helloween, Devil Doll.
Favourite Games
Monster Hunter 2G, Devil may Cry 1,3,4, GOW, Einhander, SOTN,Soul Reaver, Vagrant Story
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This will never go out of style!
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Sometimes some people ask me why I use saturated colors frequently in my drawings, instead of cute and elegant pastel colors. I think that reminds me that when I was a kid in the second half of the 80s almost all "Rad" clothes were fluorescent colors. I don't know if it was derived from culture pop itself, the artists and their clothes, from glam and their colored hairs, from Punk and their previous XD colored hairs, from rock-themed comics or what. But the fact is that if you wanted to be fashionable you had to wear clothes with colors whose vibrancy would make you visible from space. And yes, I liked it, I admit it! But I'm glad it's over, I like to have my photoreceptor cones working.
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Deviousness Award

el-grimlock's gallery is full of recognizable characters from a multitude of familiar worlds. Mauricio is a talented and sought after artist who has been working professionally for decades and whose work for titles such as God of War, Street Fighter, World of Warcraft, and many others, have garnered him quite a following on DeviantArt. However, it is far more than his spectacular artwork that keeps deviants flocking to him. His approachable demeanor and happiness to share trade secrets and tips truly makes the community adore him. Being such a beaming example of artistic leadership and community love leaves us thrilled to award Deviousness for June 2019 to el-grimlock.
Awarded Jun 2019

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Hi, just found your page and love your style! Y también, felices fiestas patrias!

Whoa... The color palettes for each character creation are so Awesome!!!😧😆

Plus the designs are so smooth and well-developed. You have really great skills in patience, focus, and attention to detail!! Nice!👍

I love your art! If you are looking for a paying gig, check this out!


can you do commissions?

Thanks for liking our comment!!

And Big News- We’re switching accounts and moving to our Professional DA account, so you can follow us there if you wish: https://www.deviantart.com/nrgcomics

Thank you for the creative crate. Your gallery blows me away. You are really talented and creative.