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God Has Other Plans (Chapter 6)
Another day had come and gone, bringing to light a new day. The fourth evening had gone by smoothly, with little complications. Altair would partake in conversation every so often ever since the river incident. He even would let her ride side by side with him instead of having him take the lead. It might not have been much, but it made Emily feel happy that a small friendship had possibly blossomed."Tonight we shall take rest in Jerusalem." Stated the stoic man. Interest shined in Emily's eyes as she turned to give him her attention."Are you sure?" She asked as Altair nodded, rolling his shoulders to relieve a bit of stress."Yes. At our current paste, we should be able to reach the city not long after mid-day." He explained. Emily knitted her eyebrows together in thought."Wouldn't it be wiser to just continue past Jerusalem so that we can arrive at Negev sooner?" Altair turned to her, pulling out a small piece of paper from his robes. Taking it, she could just make out about half of the small message."Last night a message dove came and gave word that a large group of soldiers would be near the path that we would have to travel. It would be best to delay for a day to avoid any conflict. Plus you can take the chance to freshen up and cleanse yourself from that stench." With a quirk of a brow, Emily snorted before bringing her horse to a trot."Like you're one to talk, you smell so horrid that it wakes me from my sleep at night." The itch of a smile came to his lips as he acknowledged her comeback, "Whatever, I understand. I guess I better take off my hood then." Altair glanced at her in utter confusion."Why do that?""Well if I don't the guards will think I'm associated with you." She said as she took off Kadar's hood and stuffed it into her shoulder bag. "Plus I'm not dressed in robes so as long as I drop off the horses and walk with purpose, then the guards will have no reason to question me." Altair scoffed with a roll of his eyes."That will never work." The small girl smirked as she held out her hand."Then how about a small bet. If I get in with ease then you need to give me one extra hug today. If I don't and you have to save me, I'll cook anything you want when we arrive back to Masyaf for a week. Deal?" Altair shook his head before ordering his horse to pick up speed."I will not partake in your childish bets." Emily pouted in disappointment at the loss of being able to get an extra hug."Party pooper." She murmured under her breath. Just then a light breeze blew past causing a smell to crawl up her nose. Her face scrunched up and a shiver crawled up her spine. "Wow, I really do need a bath." She said under her breath."Told you.""No one asked you!"____________________________________________________________________________After traveling through the morning, the gates to Jerulseum came into view, and Emily had to admit, it looked impressive. Excitement filled the girl at the thought of seeing a new city. Not to mention what Atair told her about there was an assassin's bureau where they could stay.When getting closer to the gate, Altair handed off his horse to her to take care of so that he could find a way to sneak in. She led Farid and the other horse to the stables and paid the fee. As she secured her backpack and the assassin's on her shoulders, she watched as he was able to blend in with a few monks and enter through the gate.'Is that part of the reason for the design?' She asked herself. After making sure that she had everything she needed, she jogged her way up to the gate and gave a friendly nod as she passed. One of the guards even returned it. When past the gate, her eyes roamed through the people in search of the white-robed man. She spotted him standing from his seat on a bench, between two people and he made his way towards her."Let's head straight to the bureau." He said as he took his pack from her."Lead the way." As they made their way through the city, Emily felt captivated by everything. The architecture, the people, the shops, everything. It was just so different from her modern-day way of life. Making their way further into the city, they came upon the marketplace. Shop owners shouted to the citizens of their products, deals, and discounts. It felt so lively and friendly. It also reminded her of when she would work at the farmer's market with her boss. Such happy memories brought a smile to her face."Emily," Altair said, gaining her attention. Reaching a handout, he took hold of her wrist. The action surprised the girl, causing a light shade of pink to rise upon her cheeks. "Stay close, it'll only get more crowded." He didn't even look back as he spoke, which was probably a good thing. Saved her a bit of embarrassment."Got it." She said, her voice a bit softer than normal as she worked the blush off her face. The further they got into the marketplace, the more difficult it was to move and browse."Fatat saghira, fatat saghira,"(Young girl, young girl.) The small girl's attention was caught by an older man that looked to be in his sixties. He waved to her, his colorful robes swaying as he moved. Out of courtesy, she came to a stop, Altair becoming slightly annoyed. "Come, come, I have many jewels and accessories that would look wonderfully on you." Picking up one of the necklaces, he held it up for her to see. Her eyes widen at the necklace. For it gave her a feeling of nostalgia and familiarity."She doesn't need any of your produ-." He was cut off, as Emily tugged her wrist free and approached the man. The specific necklace that the man had was a golden chain that adorned a few white beads that looked to be made out of some sort of crystal, There was also a crystal cross that hung in the center."Sir, would it be alright that I could hold it and take a closer look?" The old man beamed."Nem, of course!" When taking the necklace a wave of peace fell over her. An adoring smile came to her lips as she rubbed her thumb over the hand-crafted cross. Altair came up behind her and looked down at the object. He could see that it held the symbol of Christianity. ~"It feels similar to a rosary."~ She said just below a whisper. Despite that, Altair still heard."Sir, how much would you sell this for?" The man rubbed his hands together at the look of excitement on Emily's face."That necklace would be seven slivers, eaziziun." (my dear) Happiness instantly fell from her face."I'm afraid I don't have any silver, I only have copper." The man seemed saddened by the news. His eyes then shifted to Altair who looked ready to drag her away."What about your husband? Surely he would be able to buy it for you." Altair's eyes widened and his body went stiff. Emily was surprised by what the man said that it sent her into a flustered coughing fit. Grunting in annoyance, he took the necklace and tossed it to the old man."She is not my wife." Grabbing her wrist, he quickly dragged the short girl away from the confused merchant. "We are making no more stops." He said, agitation rolling off his tongue. Emily's cheeks could only flare with heat."Y-yeah. Sorry."______________________________________________________________________After a bit, they arrived at the bureau. At least that's what Altair said as he took her into an alleyway between buildings. Looking around, Emily felt confused as she saw there weren't any doors or windows for entry."How do we get in?" She asked, sounding just as confused as she looked. Altair let go of her wrist, and made his way out of the alley, "Where are you-""Stay here; I have to enter through the roof. The Rafik will open a hidden doorway, so that you may enter.""O-oh." He moved to get a bit of momentum before grabbing onto the grooves of the building. Emily watched in fascination as he made it to the roof and disappeared from sight. It never got old to see the assassins, climb, run, and fight with such ease and grace. She wished she had the mobility to do that.Lately, Kadar had been giving her the invitation to teach her a few things since she showed interest. She would turn him down, not wanting to distract him from his own training. Plus her chores usually took up most of her time, not to mention she knew that if word caught on about her interest, Al Mualim would suggest that she trained as part of the creed. With a heavy sigh, she leaned against the wall lost in thought, waiting to be let in.Successfully making it onto the roof, Altair was greeted with the familiar symbol of the creed which pointed to the opening in the food fencing that acted as a roof and held vines that hung down into the resting room in the bureau. Hoping down, he was met with a familiar resting area decorated with many pillows, tapestries, vines hanging from the ceiling, and a small fountain that had water for drinking."Who's there?!" called a gruff voice. Stepping through the threshold, Altair greeted the older men."Safety and peace, Rafik." He greeted. The Rafik seemed to relax at his presence."Altair, I wasn't expecting you. What brings you here?" The Rafik, like many of his brothers, adorned the assassin's robes but wore the dark blue coat over top. He stood behind a long, wooden counter looking over a few records of deaths."I was on a mission to retrieve an herb that was said to be promising for the creed, but received last-minute word of a fleet of soldiers that may have been troublesome to deal with, so my partner and I decided to spend the night in Jerusalem to allow them to pass." Rafik's brows furrowed in confusion as he tried looking past him, not seeing anyone accompanying him."Is he still out or did you abandon the poor man?" He asked knowing very well that Altair will often head off on his own. Altair walked past the counter, making his way to a back room where the secret door would be."'She' is in the alleyway, due to not being experienced in climbing." The Rafik only seemed to become more confused as he followed him."She? A woman is accompanying you?""Yes, she's a woman that's been staying within the headquarters for a few months now and recently gave knowledge of a plant that can help accelerate healing, amongst other things." A light seemed to have been lit within Rafik's mind."This wouldn't happen to be the English woman that was mysteriously found half-dead within the garden, would it?" The two conversed for a bit longer before they went to the back and opened the door that blended perfectly into the wall. When they poke their heads out into the alleyway, they saw the small girl leaning on the wall looking bored as she poked at a random rock."You can come in now, Emily." Altair said, before turning back into the bureau. Standing from her spot against the wall she smiled at the man that looked at her with curious eyes."Hello, my name is Emily Holmes." She introduces while tucking a few loose blonde strands behind her ear, and holds out her free hand for the Rafik to shake. Coming out of his lost thoughts he took her small hand in his."It's a pleasure to meet you young lady. I must say, the assassin's paint such a picture of you that I expected you to be a bit older." He said while motioning for her to enter. The small girl giggled as she walked past."Don't worry, I get that a lot." When she entered the bureau, everything immediately took her interest. Many things aligned the shelves, from pots, books, maps, scrolls, you name it."Come, come. Make yourself at home." Turning to the Rafik, Emily gave her thanks before walking into the resting area and dropping her bags. Altair lied among a pile of pillows that littered the room looking quite comfortable. From under the flap of his hood, he watched as she dug out a leather-bound book, a bottle of ink and a few drawing tools from her shoulder bag before going back to the Rafik. Hearing them converse, he shifted in his possession before closing his eyes, with the plan on taking a small nap.The two chatted as they worked. Rafik busied himself on creating maps and records while little Emily drew away in her sketchbook, sitting at the end of his counter."Other assassins speak of me?" Tilting her head she looked up at the man in confusion. Rafik chuckled at the action."Quite a bit. For almost three months now, an assassin or two would come on a mission and rest. They would commonly converse with me and help keep me updated on the condition of our home. I have to say when I first heard about you from my brothers I was both intrigued and skeptical." The girl halted in her work so that she could properly listen to the man as he spoke, "Saying that she could be a spy or an angel. Just throwing out nonsense. I mean how can a young woman half-dead who couldn't speak a word of Arabian possibly be a threat?" Emily chuckled nervously as she scratched the back of her head. "Y-yeah, that situation was as confusing to me as it was for them." She said before averting her attention to her book."You were in quite the condition weren't you. What happened to where you could have been found in such a state?" He asked. Her body became stiff and her hands began to shake as the memory flooded her head."W-well... it's pretty..." Noticing her change in demeanor, he placed his feather pen back into his bottle."You don't need to tell if it pains you." The small girl gave a smile of appreciation."Thank you. I-it's still a pretty sensitive topic that haunts me to this day. I don't really feel ready to tell others yet. In truth, the only person that I did tell was Al Mualim." Nodding, the Rafik gave her a reassuring pat on the back."Understandable. It must have been a very traumatic experience. It takes time not for just the physical wounds to heal, but for hurtful memories as well." Smiling in thanks, Emily's face suddenly turned. A whiff of her body odor made its way to her nostrils, causing her face to grimace."Is something wrong?" He was taken back at the sudden change in facial expression."Oh no, no. I was just reminded that I've been traveling out in the hot sun for the past few days with no proper way of cleaning myself." The man blinked a few times before he burst out into laughter. His laughter was so sudden that it awoke the resting man from his nap."Ah, yes. If you wish, I'll prepare some hot water and you can use my room to wash." Moving from behind the counter, the Rafik moved to place a pot of water over a small flame of fire. "And as you clean yourself, I will figure out something for us to eat for supper.""Oh, yeah. That's right we came here unannounced. We originally-" The Rafik raised his hand to stop her."I'm aware of the situation my dear. Altair has informed me." Guilt showed on the girl's face. Taking a lock of her hair, she twirled it in thought."Then... after I bath, to make up for the inconvenience, allow me to cook supper for us." Altair stood at the threshold, watching the two speak. Rafik waved his hand in dismissal."Child, there is no need-""But I insist. Please let me, I hate causing inconvenience upon people. And I guarantee you with the approval of Malik and Kadar Al-Syaf that I'm great at cooking." With a smile the man shook his head at her persistence."Alright, young one. You have convinced me. I look forward to tasting your food." She smiled from ear to ear as she gave a small bow."I'll make the best food that I've ever made. Do you mind me looking over what you have to get ideas?" He motioned to the shelving that held his food supply."Go right ahead, dear." Stepping over to the shelf she would see various veggies, fruits, some beef that must have been bought this morning, and a few containers of spices. Thinking it over a bit, she was able to think of something to make."The water is warmed." Hearing that, Emily quickly made her way to her bags to grab a cleanset of clothes before following the Rafik to the back. When the two were out of sight, Altair's eyes wandered to Emily's book that was open for all to see. Feeling a hint of curiosity, he made his way over to take a look.Reaching the counter, he picked up the book and furrowed his eyes at the drawing. It was of a necklace that seemed to have many beads and a cross hanging from it. To him it looked similar to the one that she was admiring at the market. There was a bit of writing in the corners of the page, but they were written in English and couldn't understand it."Such a kind and funny young woman." Looking up from the book, Altair watched as Rafik came back with a wide smile on his face."As what most say." He said as he looked through the book.When finished with cleaning herself, Emily dressed in clean clothes and combed her fingers through damp hair. The Rafik even let her use some lavender salt scrub to clean herself with.~"Much better."~ She said as she gathered her dirty clothes and left the room. When exiting the bedroom, she saw Rafik focused on his work and Altair looking at her sketchbook. She let out a sigh as she walked across the room to the resting area."You know, I prefer for people to ask before looking through my sketches." Altair only glanced at her before returning his attention to the book."I'll keep that in mind next time." Rafik frowned at the man's action."Altair!" The older man said in a scolding tone, but before the man could go any further Emily waved him off."It's alright, Rafik, I don't mind much. It's a new book so there are only a handful of drawings in it. Plus, if I didn't want anyone looking at them I would have properly put it away." After putting away her clothes she walked to the shelf that held the food and started to pull out ingredients. "Feel free to look at it for yourself once Altair's done. Also where do you keep your cooking knives?" Receiving the knife and setting up her working station, Emily got to work on slicing the meat and vegetables humming a small tune as she worked. Finished with the book, Altair closed it and placed it onto the counter."The necklace." He said. Emily didn't look up as she continued to work on the meal as she hummed in question. Flipping open the book, he turned to the page of her newest sketch before pushing it toward her. "The necklace in your drawing looks similar to the one that caught your interest at the market." He stated as he leaned against the counter waiting for an explanation. Glancing to the sketch, her eyes seemed to soften at the sight."The necklace at the market reminded me of a ~rosary.~" Altair's brows furrowed at the name."A ~rosary.~" The small girl nodded in confirmation."Yes. It's a prayer necklace, commonly used in the Christian faith... back in my country and a few others." The slight hesitation caught Altair's attention."Really." The girl's emerald eyes seemed to sparkle."Yup." Finishing up in chopping everything, she wiped her hands before pulling her book closer. "It's made up of four main prayers, five decades, and fifty-nine beads." The assassin hummed in thought."So you're a Christian then." Grabbing the pot, Emily pushed the ingredient into the pot."Technically yes, but I'm really called a Catholic, a branch Christianity." The Rafik paused in his work."There are branches?" He asked."Yes. If I remember correctly, there are about six of them. We all believe in the same religion, the same God, but the main difference between each is how we choose to worship or practice the religion." Altair looked at the drawing in thought."The rosary is commonly received after you do your first communion," Emily explained."What's the first communion?" The Stoic man asked."It's a tradition when someone receives the Eucharist for the first time. The Eucharist being the body and blood of Christ. Bread representing the lord's body and wine as Christ's blood." After adding the spices and water, she hung the pot over the fire, so that it could begin to cook. "Now normally in the faith, it's common to receive the rosary after you do your first communion." Rafik listened, finding the conversation to be very interesting."So it's of great importance." Emily shrugged."Well, it can be. But, with it being given to seven or eight-year-olds, they don't really take it seriously. In Fact, I never really used mine till a couple of years ago." Her face seemed to sink and falter."What got you to?" He asked. The short girl picked up the stirring spoon and mixed the stew."Just worrying and being scared of life. Moving out of my parent's home for the first time and going through many new experiences by myself terrified me. I would hold it in my hand and just pray to God that everything will be okay. I guess in a way it was like my comfort charm in a way."Giving the stew a few more stirs, she let it set to boil. "Well it should be a bit till the stew is done. Now Altair, do you want me to eat it first to make sure it's not poisoned?" Rafik looked to the two in confusion at the two."I watched you make it. I'm pretty sure that it's not poisoned." Emily tapped her chin in fake thought."I don't know. I could have snuck something in.""Why in the world would she try to put poison into the food?" The man asked."Because till a few days ago, Altair had the paranoid thought that I'm creating a diabolical plan of destroying the brotherhood." She said in a mocking tone. The assassin glared at the girl."I had my reason.""And I'm a small woman who struggles to turn down men who're almost twice her age. Yes, I'm so dangerous." The Rafik chuckled at the two's bickering."A smart mouth, this one.""I get it from my dad." Again, Rafik burst out into a full-on laugh. Changing to feel the room to be bright and happy. "Want to know how I changed his mind?" Right as she finished asking the question, Altair pulled out his hidden blade. His eyes narrowed dangerously with a warning. It caused her to flinch but she relaxed after a second and pouted.~"Party pooper."~
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