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Before I wrote before the paper was completely white. Full of emptiness and of infinite possibilities. It had all the colors of the prism directed with light. The paper was waiting to be born.  A pregnant thought getting ready for birth. But I choice to being the page with a black letter B. A black letter B.  Now the page is no longer white. It began with the letter b. When  I imprinted the white page with my first thought . It lost all of it possibilities. It was no longer white, now it was black surround with white. Black by definition is the absents of color. Black means empty. Nothing. So now my thoughts and imagination are empty. I am writing for nothing.  The white page has lost it purity. It is no longer new. It is just a record of a nostalgic idea.
A comment on the impurity of expression and the meditation of not speaking.
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TrIXInc Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2004   Digital Artist
your thoughts here are very intrigue. very fastinated to see how individual treats certain subjesct into different manner. very humane. very explorative. very conceptual. very nice. :)
Redd-Rhapsody Featured By Owner May 11, 2004
If you don't take risks and try things, the paper will always be blank and white. No character, nothing to look at. It will still be empty, with nothing. Printing a B doesn't wreck the paper, it's the box in one's own mind that makes the B a horrible thing that can never be turned into art or wrecks what you were trying to do. You can draw around it, or incorperate it somehow to make it important to the art. Or you can turn over the paper.

But leaving the paper pure and white means taking no risks. And to take no risks, one is not living.
Still, an interesting concept.
Leonor Featured By Owner May 11, 2004  Professional General Artist
I'm not much for abstractionism or minimalism but this caught my eye.
elgatonegro13 Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2004
Its the base of the philosophy of Zero...0 representing nothing and infinity at the same time.
klindsay Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2004
Great perspective. :)

You start with everything, infinite possibilities, all things occuring, existing simultaneously. Comprehension of everything repeating itself so fast it becomes one thing... nothing. Everything and nothing existing at the same time. Pick one, its the same.

The letter B, black, the absence of color creating contrast to the pure everything with nothing. A white page set apart from every other white page with a single black letter B. Something.
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March 25, 2004
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