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Elementary Chromium

There wasn't Chromium / Google Chrome theme fitting my linux elementary desktop, so I decided to make one. It's my first attempt on theming Chromium / Google Chrome. In the next version I'm going to put original elementary icons.
Any comments are really appreciate.
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so nice! thank you. Ill share it to my friends.
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Nice job !
im using it right now :D
Very nice!Thanks!
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This is great! And it combines not only with Elementary, also rocks with Attack of the Clones! Thank you so much!
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nice theme. on the unstable update, the new tab is tiled now.
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Ahh.. Running Mint 9 with Elementary Theme, Nice work man.
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wow, i love this thanks so much ...

say, are you still developing this theme? because elementary has come up with a new scrollbar-style and it would be great if your theme could integrate that ... :)
You don't know how much I appreciate this. It makes everything look so much better! Thank you for your contribution.
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Hello elgandoz!
I also made an Elementary theme for Chrome/ium, but yours is way better (me and the ppl in OMG! Ubuntu! think so)
So, could you please share your manifest.json with me :)
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Here the source guys...
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Would you mind telling me the font you use, please?

Thanks, nice work :)
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I'm using Lucida Grande for applications, Lucida MAC Bold for title bar, and Lucida Grande Bold for desktop, all available from Mac4Lin ([link]). Theese are fonts from Mac.
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Also I appreciate the custom Chrome New Tab page, but now it scrolls up and down, which isn't a big deal but I'm just being picky. I'm on a 1200x800 resolution.
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I do not understand te scroll stuff..Can you explain it better?
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Sorry I forgot to reply. Here's a screenshot. Again it's not really a big deal.
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Thanks, now I can use Chrome without shame.
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Elementary has a new Metacity with different buttons for Close Minimize and Expand. If you're able to you should modify this to match!

Thanks :)

Here's a preview:
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I don't think it matters. This theme only changes Chrome's toolbar color. The Metacity isn't affected by Chrome's themes.
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That's true! Use system title bar and borders instead!
Right click close to "+" button, or go to preferences -> appareance -> Use GTK theme
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Hello the theme is very nice, but is the source downloadable?
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