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Age of Tyranny
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I like how the blue hues continue down through the buildings to the bottom of the image.  Wonderful!
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Incredible! Orange and blue are my favorite combination, always looks fantastic together. I love how the buildings seem to be carelessly toppled on top of each other, it gives the city a bleak character. Great atmosphere! Love this one!!
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This blew me away. Excellent, excellent work. Perfect oppression, like a mountain waiting to be climbed... or destroyed.
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I like how the buildings in front look like irregularly shaped houses stacked on top of one another. Really nice contrast with the taller, straighter building.
NekoHimeAnny's avatar
wow. great setting to inspire me for a new story! :D (somewhat reminds me of final fantasy crisis core - wealthy city above built on the poor city below)
great use of perspective and colours, i really like it! :)

... and the details..... :heart:
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Great work. Looks like some greedy corporation is living it up while the masses live in poverty.
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yup, thanks mate :)
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Excellent artwork. Great colors, perspective and mood.
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A fine perspective there.
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Very impressive indeed.

A powerful picture, with the slums being overshadowed by that big, imposing corporate/governmental building and the cloudy, dark sky above it all. Smells like oppression...
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Thank you, yeah you pretty much summed up it :) spot on
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Fantastic use of perspective, well done! :clap:
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thanks mate, glad you like it :)
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Holy hell, this is majestic.
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thanks, glad u like it ;)
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ty very much :)
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