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My tribute to the best fps ever, DOOM


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got berserk power up!
its time to rip and tear!!!!
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Absolutely amazing. :omg:
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Nice...very nice.
So fucking badass
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This guy is ready to rip and tear. :D
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Absolutely Amazing!

(Fun Fact):
Did you know the Doom guy's real name is Shawn.
There is an unused Soundtrack called Shawn's shotgun or Shawn's got the shotgun. It's also the name of the main character in Doom the movie 2005.
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No, his name is never said to be anything by ID software, and the final authority is ID, anything from any other source is just fanfiction. All official narratives from ID of the doom guy are written in the second person. They're about YOU.
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On the other hand, the wolfenstein guy has the dubious name of BJ. BJ Blazkowicz. I guess just to give him a Jewish sounding name since he's fighting Nazis. And he's Commander Keen's grandpa. How's that for a kick in the teeth?
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Cool, yeah didnt know that. Need to do some sort of revision from those doom pieces, their old! Cheers
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Would you mind if this were used on a blog to promote a free Doom event held on a doom port?
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Be my guest :()
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I think he needs a stimpack.Or even better,a berserker pack.RIP & TEAR!
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Well, doomguy looks evil and creepy here. I LOVE IT!
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Go make fan art of him on a killing spree with a chaingun while under the effects of the invulnerability sphere!
elgama's avatar
Ahah, that would be a gore fest! ^^
this needs to be on the cover of Doom 4!
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Wow! Man, that face is pretty hardcore. Is he on a berserker pack or did he just find a health orb? :P
This piece is oozing of D00M.
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Thats some serious face right there!
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Cool! I like his expression! xD
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