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The Dreamer

By elftantra

A commissioned artwork for a graphic novel project.

Oil Paint on Canvas, 40cm x 60cm (approx. 16” x 24”), 2019.

In this image a boy finds himself within a vision of a cornucopia of mutations. Their forms encroach so much they threaten to overwhelm him. At left are a mass of denizens, exhibiting mammalian, fungal, plant, snake, and bird characteristics. Many of its junctions froth with tiny bubbles, as if still in the process of a fermenting metamorphosis. The least mutated member of the group is a crow, mouth open and facing vertically in a soundless “kaw!” as it is absorbed into the mass. 

At lower right is a particularly toothy creature; something akin to a giant chlorophyll green membrane, thick and embedded with innumerable eyes setting above a dark maw passively laying in wait. 

In the middle beyond the young man an entity yawns wide a beak-ish mouth, around which are more spiny and pincer-like projections branching out of a segmented green skin existing corporeally somewhere between amphibian and plant. Its teeth are like maize covered in a thin cataract. Further still in the distance are a variety of strange eyes and a mushroom cap with human teeth. 

Hovering before the boy is a psychedelic alien, communicating via its manifestation as a nexus of colors, forms, and shapes spanning the spectrum from butterfly to bird to fish to mandrake vegetation and more. Its left most projection precipitates into glowing blue-green worm-like transparent fingers, from which a broadcast of blue filamented energy engages the boy’s mind. 

Haloing the boy’s head is a dim cratered moon setting against a dark starry sky. His face and throat are illuminated by an unknown and intense light source, as is his left hand which reaches out gingerly to touch the alien vision before him.

The narrative speaks to a reflection concerning transformation and its relationship to identity. The character’s sense of calm, hand gesture, and the number “33” on his shirt foreshadow his own spiritual potential, catalyzed by the interloping influence of the psychedelic alien presence.

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Ronie-Lavie's avatar
I like your work, charmingly fantastic :-)
elftantra's avatar

Thanks so much Ronie-Lavie!!! :)

GARSL's avatar
Had to do a double take at this one. The similarity to my face is uncanny.
elftantra's avatar

Really? Wow! Sounds like you'd be a good portrait model, then. (In my opinion at least).

LindArtz's avatar

Very nice work! :clap: !!! Congrats on your DD!

elftantra's avatar

Thank you LindArtz! I just today realized I'd gotten one for this piece. Nice surprise.

ublubdu07's avatar
Love it awesome ✨✨✨✨
elftantra's avatar

Thanks ublubdu07! :)

Pearl-Feather's avatar
This is amazing, I love the shadows over his face, it just gives it that look of a dreamy kinda state
elftantra's avatar

Thank you. Yes I think the shadow is an important part of the composition for sure.

piperbreeze's avatar
kittymator's avatar
This actually made me say wow out loud....
ariya-sacca's avatar

Great work! I find it interesting that the boys expression does not show wonderment but rather calm acceptance.

elftantra's avatar

Thank you ariya-sacca! Yes that calm demeanor was a foreshadowing detail in the narrative of the commission--it creates a bit of an uncanny contrast against the environment.

HealthySpermdog's avatar
That guy has a nice skinny head.
SketchMonster1's avatar
Gorgeous creation. The detailing and beautiful color technique are incredible. Sensational work.
elftantra's avatar

Thanks SketchMonster!

RandyGame80's avatar
Fuckin wow you really found a way to make the viewer connect with this
elftantra's avatar
Thank you Randy! :)
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