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By elftantra
Oil on Canvas, 30" x 24", 2012

A narrative of an automaton in a world of geometric, technological, and rational forms. The artificial intelligence encounters an interruption in his rational model as he spies an organic budgie. The budgie, in turn, has adapted its coloring to camouflage itself in the inorganic environment.  The moon looms large but faint in the distance.

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1123x1411px 1.17 MB
Canon EOS 5D Mark II
Shutter Speed
13/10 second
Focal Length
90 mm
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Date Taken
Mar 7, 2013, 3:18:10 PM
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this reminds me of that movie "AI" . terrific work!
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Now that you mention it I can see what you mean.  :)  Thanks for the appreciation of this and my other work.
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We imitate but we do not duplicate flight, and how we love imitation the real thing. There is a herb called wolves bane that has no hallucinogenics, and yet of legend it allowed certain shamans to see through a crows eyes. I am on a quest to find it, as I am looking for a white crow feathers. The child replaces what was once a living bird with a mechanical bird as his companion but seek the birds ability but not it's understanding. And will the bird like a Bodhisattva of the crow turn from a white bird to black to take on are new technological created sin, that is to say a further separation of mind and being. The childs eye mimicks the thechnology that consumes him, he no see's though the eye but "see's" with the eye. Shall nature adapt or will the rest of life grow weary of man and transmigrate to another distant world? Iv missed you. Hope to each change are adventures soon.
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Time is so transversely plastic.  It is easy for me to go great distances, out to the Oort regions of time, with impressions of the mutual gravitation of others being subtle but constant--and in that slight sensation is a holographic bit containing a complete quantum entanglement independent of the space between.  I learned a long time ago to be satisfied with the smallest morsel of communication, and so with the slightest of contact I am filled with communion.  Consequently, I am slower to reply.

I have been exceedingly glad to see you producing work again, and to know your Dolphins had returned, and that you are again active and charged in ways as you once were.  My own full focus on Deviantart is typically very low--aside from posting finished work-- and akin to islands over broad swaths of time, as I am traveling through Asia, and have been for 6 months now, while producing work (both personally and professionally). 

Make no mistake, in my absence is presence.  I have found that the older I get the more comprehensive I become, but in doing so, my awareness tends to move from a hyper lasing point to more of an ambient expansion, as though from a solid to a gas.  The result is that I can lose track of certain things which seem  to be more ephemera, such as acute forms of interaction or categorical perspective.

But anyway.  It is really nice to have felt you back, and I am very glad for every new work you produce.  And though I am probably not as available as I once was socially on DA, in a long orbit I do drop in, from ghost to solid, maybe enough to touch base. :) 

You take good care of yourself in the spaces between our talks.  My absolute best to you, always.  Thank you so much for your attentions.  Love and respect, my friend--be inspired!
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Fantastic! Great job!
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Thank you so much JoachimL :)
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