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CoT : Lucas
By elflovin   |   Watch
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Published: January 3, 2016
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Age 26
Height 5'3" (160 cm)
Weight 115 lb
Gender Male

Race Elf, City
Place of Birth Claose, Orlais
Religion Andrastian
it's all bs, right? He believes it, he won't say or step in a chantry but he believes in the Maker

+[Optimistic] [Happy] [Outgoing]
[Pleasure-seeking] [Nimble] [Curious]
- [Stubborn] [Uncoordinated] [Nosey]


:bulletwhite:The Tavern life


:bulletblack:People ignoring him or getting too bored
:bulletblack:Friends of Red Jenny
    Growing up Lucas hadn't expected anything important to happen in life. He came from a small elven family where he was the only child and his parents made enough to not be in complete poverty. The town he lived in was small, it doesn't make a lot of contribution as other towns had with crafts work and farming. Boredom came easily to him, he doesn't know how sit still and he loves to stick his nose in other people's lives (he likes to say it's to help people, but honestly, he's just curious).

    With life being boring and becoming increasing more curious as the days continued, he left his some home in his early teenager years to join a traveling Theater company. Lucas learned a great many things while on the road! One of them was to act, which he continues to use to this day. Another thing he learned was how to use a bow, from another member of the company. For about six years he stayed with the company. He got what he could out the company, left when he learned everything they had to teach him (stayed much longer than he assumed too). 

    For a while Lucas just traveled around Orlais, without much of a goal in his life. His teacher from his old company met up with Lucas again and together they traveled with each other for a few years. After that, Lucas weaved through multiple mercenary groups, never really getting into any of them enough to like.

    Lucas was in southern Thedas when a hole ripped in the sky. And when the New Inquisition was formed. At first he was shocked to hear of a new Inquisition was formed, and to separated from the Chantry. But when they were asking for recruitment scouts, he joined within a snap of a finger, feeling like he could finally belong to something.
Sexuality Confused*
Status Open
  • Sanavi [Acquaintance; Curious]
    • Very curious about the life he's had, since he's an old man he knows alot of things about things
    • Finds him very alluring for some reason

Additional Information
:bulletgreen:His outfit reference is right here : fav.me/d9mppiz
:bulletgreen:He actually likes to act. Which explains why some of his favorite missions are undercover.
:bulletgreen:When he gets bored, he'll talk to himself. And he gets bored easily.
:bulletgreen:The reason why Lucas is confused about his sexuality is because the only sexuality he's ever know is just heterosexual. While he understands he's not attracted to women, but rather men, he doesn't use the label "homosexual". He believes that only men and women can marry each other.
:bulletgreen:He got those nice hazel eyes. -thumbs up-

  • Archery, short-bow preference
    • Can fire quickly and rapidly, seems like there's multiple arrows (but there isn't).
    • Goes throw arrows like there's no tomorrow.
  • Infiltrator
    • Uses to hide among a crowd of people to attack quickly, or to escape.
    • Oh maker, Lucas stole something :U
  • Artificer
    • Was trained to use this after joining the Inquisition to set up small mines or traps for a backup plan. And a distraction. (he's kind of shit at it. makes for a good laugh later).

You can find Lucas at;
Any where the Inquisition has stations or where he's working on a current job.
none atm
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kupuruu|Student Digital Artist
he's so precious omg pls rp w/ me!
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elflovin|Hobbyist Digital Artist
lol thanks!
yeah yeah! I'm down with rp! C:
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kupuruu|Student Digital Artist
do u prefer skype? or notes? or something else?
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skype is already good! I think we're already contacts?
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