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Well, I've been wanting to draw a Princess Tutu Doujinshi for a while, and so I've finally gotten off my rear end and started it. The final straw that made me decide to tell this particular story was this illustration I did at random that was well received by the PT LiveJournal community.

The story is an AU Swan Lake set after the Princess Tutu anime series. If you've finished the series, you'll understand the reason it's post series as well as AU. Having seen all of Princess Tutu will also make the entire thing make more sense as I get into the story.

Updates will be posted in chunks, with a couple of panels of Autor (the purple-haired guy) rounding out each update. There is NOT a regular update schedule, it's whenever I can manage it.


Stamp: Schwane Zwei by elfgrove ( : thumb75695960 : )
Last Update: May 16, 2008
:star: New fan art.
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Schwäne Zwei
A Swan Lake AU
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Omake: 001 |

Sketches: 1 | Dress Design - Rue | Dress Design - Ahiru

Gift Art:
10 Sketch Meme - Prince Fakir by Asatira
Prizeart :: Beneath the Leaves by sylvacoer
Night by PhantomClark
PT LJ Secret Santa Exchange 2007: Schwane Zwei by andrael
:new: A Double SZ Update by Akogare

F.A.Q. Frequently Asked Questions

What does AU mean?
Alternate Universe

What does "doujin"or "doujinshi" mean?
"Doujinshi" is the Japanese name for fan comics, it is often abbreviated as "doujin". They are comics done about existing characters usually from anime, manga, or movies.

What are the romantic pairings for this doujinshi?
FakirxAhiru (Fakiru), MythoxRue, and AutorxRue

Why are you calling Mytho "Siegfried"?
In the anime, Mytho was the name given to the Prince by Charon and young Fakir because he couldn't remember his own name. In the final episode of the series, he recalls that his true name is Siegfried. Signifigantly, the prince of the ballet story, "Swan Lake" is also named Siegfried.

Why are you calling Duck "Ahiru"?
If you know Ahiru as Duck, kudos to you for buying the US release of Princess Tutu! I originally watched the fansubs, and am now the proud owner of the US-release of the DVDs. In fact, I'll just bought the complete collection release because my individually purchased DVDs are starting to skip in places from frequent watching and too much travel. But I digress.
In the fansubs, Duck's name was left untranslated as the Japanese word for "duck" (which is "Ahiru"). This was done to ease differentiation between her three forms: the duck, the girl (Ahiru), and Princess Tutu. While  have long since thrown out my fansubs, I am still fond of using Ahiru as her name because it's pretty (to me) and it allows for the immediate differentiation of her forms.

How do you draw it?
Each panel is drawn individually in pencils. Then inked and the pencil erased. I scan it into my computer. Clean up the ink lines. Color it using Ulead Photo Express 3.0. Arrange the panels into the pages. Shrink the pages down to posting size. Add the lettering and speech bubbles. Post. (Each update may involve anywhere from 25 to 80 individual drawings.)

More Autor?
He showed up at the last minute as I was drawing the first update, and was a completely unexpected surprise to the story for me. But Autor will have the final comment of each batch update. When you see our favorite glasses-wearing dork, the most recent update has finished posting. I fully expect he will become more involved in the story as the comic progresses as well.

When is the next update?
Whenever I get around to it. I work 40+ hour weeks as a Software Engineer, and some nights I don't even want to touch my computer when I get home, much less spend a few hours coloring and arranging comic pages. Plus, I have an offline social life I'm working to keep alive. This is my hobby, it only happens when I'm enjoying it.
Not anytime in the foreseeable future. I have lost inspiration on this, and if I do continue, it with be in prose format.

Can you email or note me when you post the next update?
Sorry, but no.
I do understand the reason for this request, but it's not feasible from my end. If I did it for one person, I'd have to do it for everyone. And I don't want to be responsible for sending out notices to a dozen or more people each time I update.
An easy solution is to go to my main DA profile page and click "Watch this Deviant". You'll receive a notice in your message center any time I upload a new art piece.
The other option is, if you are on LiveJournal, I post each update to the "PrincessTutu" community after I finish uploading it, so joining that comm' on LJ is another way to find out when I've updated without being subjected to my non-PT art.

Hey... I demand MOAR NOW!

No. You don't understand. I am a special marble angel cupcake and when I demand you update this thing that I have read for free you should listen to me. I am not offering any sort of meaningful compensation for the effort I demand, except for fannish love and the expectation  you will produce more on demand in the future. You should so desire my personal adoration and praise that you will race to create more right this second. ~ Signed, Random Internet Person Whom I Have Never Met Nor Conversed With At Length
Additionally, FUCK OFF.

I'm going to use your art/character-designs/clothing-designs/story-concept for my icon/layout/fanfic/drabble/AMV/original-art-piece/cosplay! Yay! Isn't that great?!
Ding-ding-ding! WRONG. Ahiru, Fakir, Rue, Mytho, Autor... they don't belong to me. I won't claim that. However, this story, its art, and those outfit designs are the result of weeks and weeks of work on my end. They are mine. The dress design for Ahiru went through 2 weeks of sketches, experiments, and design alterations before I settled on what you see on here. Just the dress design. So when you come in and happily tell me you'll be using my design for your own project, I think my displeasure is understandable.
Don't get me wrong. I love receiving fan/gift-art for Two Swans. You don't need to get my okay for that. Just be sure to credit me. But as far as making icons of it, using the art for your AMV or layout, using my dress designs for your cosplay outfit or original art piece... it is NOT okay. Unless, you do the very simple courtesy of asking my permission first. That's the fun part. If you ask first, (barring some sort of recent issues on my end) I will happily give you permission and even give you higher quality images or full design sketches to make it easier on you (upon request).
It's called common courtesy. GET SOME.

However, you use this content that I have worked so hard on for anything (other than fan/gift art for the doujin -- those ARE okay) without asking my permission first, I will come after you swinging the Art Theft Hammer of Doom(c). Capeshe?

"Schwäne Zwei" is actually inaccurate--
Haha. I know. I realized that late enough that I'm not going to bother changing it. I intended for it to read as "Two Swans", and that is my official stance on what the title is. But if you know your German, it actually reads as "Swan Two", which I think also works since this is written as a "Princess Tutu" sequel/alternate universe version of "Swan Lake". Consider it an in-joke.

So is the based on " The Swan Princess" animated movie by Columbia Pictures in 1994?
NO. Here is some fun info. This is a fan comic for a Japanese anime called "Princess Tutu" (circa 2002). Princess Tutu draws a considerable amount of plot concepts from ballet and fairy tales. One of the largest bases is the ballet "Swan Lake" (circa 1875~1877). All of the names used in the animated movie are ripped straight from the ballet --as is most of the plot. "Swan Lake" is an amalgamation[def] based on even older fairy tales: "Leannaí Lir/The Legend of the Children of Lir" (a Celtic legend), "Sweet Mikhail Ivanovich the Rover" (a Slavic legend), "Der Geraubte Schleier/The Stolen Veil" (an 18th century fairy tale commonly believed to be the basis od Swan Lake), "The Wild Swans" (recorded by Hans Christian Andersen), and others -- All of which almost certainly pre-date the ballet.
So in case you've missed the concept here... This comic is NOT based on the 1994 movie. I am basing it on the legends and the ballet. The ONLY intentional similarity is the style in which I cartoon-ized my swans. But my plot has a stronger basis on "Leannaí Lir", the opera "Lohengrin", the ballet "Swan Lake", and -of course- the anime "Princess Tutu" than anything else.
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