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...nice when you comment on my work with a coded insult.

Let me re-iterate this concept guys. Looking at an artist's original character and then immediately commenting how you think they resemble/look just like/must be based on some other character is incredibly insulting roughly 90% of the time. If you're about to type out that sentence, you better mean it as an insult, because it sure as double hockey-sticks is NOT a compliment.

Why? Because this sort of comment generally implies the following.
:bulletred: Your way of drawing this is not sufficiently differentiated enough from this other thing (which the artist may or may not even be familiar with) to be seen as something original.
:bulletred: You copied/stole that character design, right?
:bulletred: I, as your audience, cannot tell the difference between two characters with similar hair styles or outfit colors, and those things are forever associated with character X and can never be used by anyone else without being assumed to be the same thing.

So, unless you are certain a character is a deliberate homage to another character or person, please think about why you're saying that phrase. Not all men with short red hair are Ichigo from Bleach or a member of J.K. Rowling's Weasley family. Not all women with long dark hair are the same character.
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Well said!

Touch wood I've yet to come across this but I can agree it's both frustrating and VERY rude. Many of my OCs are inspired by characters from games, comic books and manga; I created one because I liked the idea of FFVII's Tifa (strong willed and skilled fighter, capable of looking after herself) but disliked the fact Aeris was Cloud's love interest (this was a few years back mind) JUST because Aeris was a white mage (supposedly the "Male Knight/Female Magician" cliche). But to me an original character is an idea that evolves; just because my character started off as a Tifa "expy" doesn't mean I haven't tried to move her beyond that idea.

As for comments about the quality of my art, well I'm sorry I'm still a beginner. Now I'd like it if I was born with the artistic talent of some of the best artists on this site but I wasn't, and in recent years I've built a life that prevents me from drawing 24/7; I have a job, friends and hobbies that often mean I only get an hour if that in an evening to sketch. So if my art style or characters mimics someone else's, it's either not intended or because I'm still trying to find my own voice and I am experimenting.