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Well guys, it's a day or so to Anime Expo 2009.

A couple of my very dearest friends from back south are coming out for the con. I'm super~happy. I'm also in cosplay crunch time.

Planned Costumes:
Thursday: Luca Angelloni [Macross Frontier]
Friday: Zelgadis Greywords [Slayers /Next/Try/Revolution/Evolution-R]
Saturday: Guru Clef [Magic Knight Rayearth]
Sunday: Saki Morimi [Eden of the East]

Anybody else going? Please feel free to stop and holler at me if we run into each other. Just don't glomp me while I'm dressed as Zel or Clef. Somewhat delicate costumes. I'm making tentative plans to hit the Artist's Ally sketch jam on the events schedule.

Watch my Twitter ElfGrove for updates. I will have it set to text Direct/Private Messages to my cell phone during most of the con.

I'm scheduled as a volunteer at Disabled Services at San Diego Comic Con 2009 for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Feel fre to drop by and say 'hi'. :)

Also... Meme times is fun times.

The first 19 to comment on this journal requesting a slot will get 3- count 'em- 3 pieces from their gallery featured by me. I will choose the pieces I like the most. In return, you're urged to reciprocate the deed with your own feature journal, placing me in the first slot (for a total of 20 featured individuals), but I'm probably not going to check up on you all.

01. :iconerikari: Hayne by Erikari Love Bound by Erikari Slip Love 3 Cover by Erikari
02. :iconfishheadthe3rdandco: I'll Protect You by FishHeadThe3rdAndCo -Moonlight- KidxAoko by FishHeadThe3rdAndCo -Kawaii- SasuHina by FishHeadThe3rdAndCo
03. :iconasatira: PT SS--Atemozzarella by Asatira 122807 Mullein by Asatira FMS 2 - Steampunk Moriko by Asatira
04. :iconshirekat: 9 Tutu Lane 13 - Round 2 by Shirekat A Destined Encounter in F+A by Shirekat RedA blood-curdling scream reached its target. Pike and Lilie heard their friend’s voice, and, with just a glance at each other, started running through the halls to find out what could be wrong. Ahiru would never want to attract this much attention.  Something must be horribly wrong. They passed Autor in the halls just as Ahiru screamed again, this time a name.
Autor watched the two usually flighty girls running at full speed to their friends aid. Yes, Autor recognized the voice, and even he knew that something was terribly wrong. And so he ran after them, catching up with the two girls in a moment, and panting, “What’s going on?”
They turned to look at him with wild eyes. “We don’t know,” they said.
That was all that was said.
They followed the screams, momentary allies, to emerge into the afternoon sunlight of the practice room, finding Ahiru curled up into a fetal position in the middle of the floor, sobbing.

05. :iconshadow-hikari: My Dear Friend by Shadow-Hikari Junsei and MY by Shadow-Hikari MEME TIME? by Shadow-Hikari
06. :iconrebelcoyote: Glowing Gods by RebelCoyote View From the Top III by RebelCoyote 50 TOE No.1
#01 – Motion
"What are you up to Eve?" Serta asked, leaning over her shoulder as best he could without falling over. Again.
She made a face at the device in her hands, scowling it seemed but determined and confused all rolled into one. She sighed, setting it in her lap. "Attempting to get back into my 'so-called' art."
"Oh." He poked the device, "Your camera is your art? I thought you took pictures?"
"I do Serta," she chuckled, his terrible English translation skills amusing her. "I found this list of words that people use like a art project. You draw a picture conveying your idea of each one. Or write or take pictures or whatever." She showed him the camera, "I can't think of what to do for the very first word."
"What is it?" he brightened, hopping over the arm of the couch to crouch beside her.
He looked away, pensively screwing his black brows. Suddenly he grinned, "Why not a picture of Mariah Carey?"
"What?" she gaped.
"You know, that song of hers," he explained. He proce

07. :icontigercub684: Tomato and Basil by tigercub684 As It Should BeChapter 1
Toph yawned as she lay on the cushioned chair, one foot firmly on the ground. It had been a long day. She had travelled all the way from Ba Sing Se where she had been living since they had defeated Fire Lord Ozai and saved the world from living in a fiery hell under the Phoenix King. Since that day, she had gone back to her parents’ home, in the hopes of being reunited with them, after running away with the avatar. To her surprise, they had both welcomed her back with loving arms and with new-found respect for their blind daughter. But who wouldn’t after she had helped save the world? Three years had passed and everyone had changed so much. And now they were all back together again.
Toph yawned again. It was so warm here in the Fire Lord’s palace that she just wanted to fall asleep. Instead, she took a “look” around at her companions. Sokka was also lounging on one of the long chairs, barely paying attention to what was going on. He had grown much tal
Garra in swirls by tigercub684

:iconahiruxfakir: :iconcolor-me-club: :iconavatar-oc-club: :iconirohs-tea-time: :iconcomedybenders: :iconavatarverse: :iconenchanted-club: :iconcommunity-quilts: :icondoujin-ka: :icontheslayersclub: :iconlina-zel-club: :iconmajint-nougami-neuro:


Special Feature this month. A few illustrations from sylvacoer's Fall of the Blue Spirit series.
Prizeart : Forgotten Fairytale by sylvacoer Yan-sui and Hui by sylvacoer Hui no Shishi by sylvacoer TOSW: Rinzen of Air by sylvacoer 150K: Wind Dance by sylvacoer Child of La, Child of Koh by sylvacoer TOSW: Wind and Flame by sylvacoer Prince of Heavens Flame Pi li by sylvacoer TOSW: Amakudari by sylvacoer TOSW: Lien - Lacrimosa by sylvacoer TOSW: Lantern Moon by sylvacoer TOSW: Demon Who Loved the Moon by sylvacoer TOSW: The Firstborn by sylvacoer Uutu: Feuer Frei by sylvacoer Anu: Hyperventilation by sylvacoer Punga: Rain of Blood by sylvacoer
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^_^ Hopefully I'll be able to see you! I'll be running around in Lolita, possibly with my boyfriend, if I can convince his grumpy butt to come.
sylvacoer's avatar
and just for giggles, i'll take you up on that meme (since you do higuchi x yako and all... :3)
sylvacoer's avatar
fuuu, i gotta admire people who take on characters like zel - that's gotta be one heck of a makeup job! (pictures, yes plz? :flirty:)

*sigh* darn me and my relocating to the wrong coast! :shakefish:
elfgrove's avatar
I actually did Zel last year (Pictures! [link] ) It's a re-wear with some small mods and easier make-up method.

I know! :shakefish: Come to Dragon*Con! (*bribery-bribe-bribe* I'll bring Zel if you want!)
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ah, i wasn't sure that was you who was zel or not...

I wants to gooooooo....
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Thanks! I will!
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awww!you did it!>< :hug: I felt like stalking today :lol:
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aw, you're so lucky than you can go to the Anime Expo. That's too far to travel for me.
Can i be featured? please?
RebelCoyote's avatar
I would gladly participate had I anything decent in my gallery that was not words...>_<

Hey, unless you wanna randomly illustrate some of my mini-short-stories?
Shadow-Hikari's avatar
I'm planning on going. I don't know if I'll be there on the first day, but I'll definitely be there the rest of the time. Is there a DA sketch session? I haven't planned anything but Saturday, I believe, I'll be Resident Evil 5's Sheva Alomar. Everything else is up in the air...
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I planned to go, but it didn't really work out. Next year, though! :salute:

I can haz feature plz? :3
Asatira's avatar
Have fun. I'm planning on working on my steampunk costume this weekend, finally.
FishHeadThe3rdAndCo's avatar
Yosh~ ^___^ I hope I run into ya again this year!!
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