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BenRG Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2011
Very nice concept all around! I enjoyed every one of your pictures. The dark and dangerous Bat-verse needs some light-hearted comedy that doesn't involve a certain clown, don't you agree?

The strange thing is that the relationship that you hint towards in the strips - Babs is sort of a pack-momma to Steph and Cassie with Dick as an occasional boyfriend/drop-in old pal - actually seems to be how it was in canon during the classic 90s-era comic strips. I suppose that is why this works so well; It really could be the out-takes in between the panels of the comic books.

I'm waiting for Damien to turn up as the mean, Calvin-style little brother and Tim as the occasional BF of both younger Batgirl who can't choose between them (much to Dick and Jason's hillarity).
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