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YJAU - Auld Acquaintance



Did you need some YJAU feels?

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YJ Fandom, you make me sad. We’re so forgiving and supportive of Conner’s clone situation, but less so of Roy’s. Yes, they need to find and rescue the original, but the Roy we have known is still a person.They gave him fake memories and purpose, fake programming. But clone!Roy came into action when Speedy originally became Green Arrow’s sidekick. Chances are, the clone is the only version of Roy the team has ever known. The years they share and the emotional bonds created were with clone!Roy, not Speedy. While they need to rescue Speedy, with the mind control gone, the Roy they knew personally and cared for is still the clone.
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CloneRoy/RedArrow is the best. I could care less really about the original Roy