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Rainbow Brite +20: Orange and Yellow

The next designs for my Rainbow Brite 20 Years Later fanon. This all plays into the idea of the Color Kids and Rainbow Brite as semi-immortal god-like creatures that can choose whether or not to age.

Lala Orange is the cleverest of the Color Kids. Not necessarily the most book smart (that went to Violet) but Lala is the planner and strategist sort. Within the Color Kids, her combat skills are only matched by Red Butler. When Murky revealed the existence of Rainbow Brite to the people of Earth, Lala was the one who made the plans to deal with and political overtures to now unnerved religious and political leaders to establish an understanding and rules of contact.

Lala Orange and Red Butler are actually quite in love and have chosen to physically age the closest to Wisp (early-to-mid-twenties-ish). Although Lala never realized Red was less egotistical and more sincere before a big incident with Murky where Red was severely injured to protect Rainbow and the Color Kids. Up to that point they had been friendlily vying for the position of Wisp’s “second”. After the incident was resolved, Lala went to yell at Red only for it to turn into a long conversation about what both of them were really thinking and really wanted out of the long, stretched-out future that laid before them. They generally both act as Wisp’s right hand when things need doing and make an excellent team.

Canary Yellow is a tinkerer. Always experimenting with some new idea, often trying to combine human tech with the power of star sprinkles. More than one of her innovations have blown up in her face (she has the burn scars to prove it), but they’ve also been pivotal in fighting Murky over the years. She chose to age up to be something equivalent to a teenager, but that was mostly just so that she could reach things more easily when working on something than for any interest in being physically older. Her growth showed her to be tall and lanky.

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I still love these as concepts. It's great to see you explore them more. You also take a much more likeable route considering most people just pump up the sexy as opposed to being methodical and realistic (as realistic as you can get for the world of Rainbow Brite that is) when aging them. Or maybe that's just me, which wouldn't be surprising, but I still like this anyways.