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Hal Jordan - Star Sapphire



Now see what you people went and made me do? I blame you Tumblr comic feeds.

So DC has been doing the colored lanterns bit. And in toys--if not also in comic canon--Hal Jordan has been every single flavor of Lantern now, except for one. Hal Jordan has not been a Star Sapphire, a Violet Lantern.

What? Hal can't love? Or y'know, it might be because every Violet Lantern shown has been a humanoid playboy-esque woman in this skimpy pink/violet/purple get up. Hal apparently don't do that shit. Apparently males in general don't. Or y'know, any one from a race that doesn't operate in the standard bi-pedal with big mammary glands format. Now for an intergalactic police force with cats an beings of pure energy in the other color corps--THAT SHIT AIN'T RIGHT.

So I've been hearing about the issues with the Violet Lantern Corp for a few weeks now via Tumblr. And I agree with the points. So when people mentioned wanting to see Hal all dolled up in the Star Sapphire uniform--I had to. It's so hilariously wrong, but it needed to be done.

Ohhhh... I am probably going to the Special Hell, with the people that talk in the theater.


Pose modeled off this iconic Hal image.

Star Sapphires/Violet Lanterns and Green Lantern/Hal Jordan are © DC Comics.
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Initially I was turned off by the female-only Violet lanterns being so skimpy. But if males became Star Sapphires and wore skimpy outfits too, I'd be okay with it 😂.

I'm okay with female objectification if the males are equally objectified! :)

PS You did a great job with this, Hal looks fantastic 😜