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Hal Jordan - Star Sapphire

Now see what you people went and made me do? I blame you Tumblr comic feeds.

So DC has been doing the colored lanterns bit. And in toys--if not also in comic canon--Hal Jordan has been every single flavor of Lantern now, except for one. Hal Jordan has not been a Star Sapphire, a Violet Lantern.

What? Hal can't love? Or y'know, it might be because every Violet Lantern shown has been a humanoid playboy-esque woman in this skimpy pink/violet/purple get up. Hal apparently don't do that shit. Apparently males in general don't. Or y'know, any one from a race that doesn't operate in the standard bi-pedal with big mammary glands format. Now for an intergalactic police force with cats an beings of pure energy in the other color corps--THAT SHIT AIN'T RIGHT.

So I've been hearing about the issues with the Violet Lantern Corp for a few weeks now via Tumblr. And I agree with the points. So when people mentioned wanting to see Hal all dolled up in the Star Sapphire uniform--I had to. It's so hilariously wrong, but it needed to be done.

Ohhhh... I am probably going to the Special Hell, with the people that talk in the theater.


Pose modeled off this iconic Hal image.

Star Sapphires/Violet Lanterns and Green Lantern/Hal Jordan are © DC Comics.
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*tries to hold in laughter* *fails miserably* HAHA! This is so beautiful and absolutely hilarious! Thank you, so much. Now, please excuse me while I go laugh my but off. -Dove
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This looks surprisingly good on him.
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If you're going to hell I'll be right next to you! I love this. 
Ppfftt looks like Namor has competition... XD
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There should so be male violet lanterns. Men can know love as well.
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hahaha, omg, he looks cute, XDXDXDXD
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I wholeheartedly approve. Also, this is gorgeously drawn and hot.
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Nice! I just posted my version of a male Star Sapphire, not as good as yours though...
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I liek the design I'll be posting my own version soon
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What makes this Funny is according to the experts
this scenario is very, VERY possible.

Star Sapphire Rings actually CAN recruit males.
Wow, that's very creative! Would love to see that in a comic or cartoon.
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man in pink?! GOOD JOB ~~~
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This is fantastic. Utterly and truly fantastic!
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I still can't get over this--I've seen this image time and time again and the idea of Hal sporting that ring pleases me to no end. He has to be, hands down, my absolute favorite GL with Kyle Rayner following in a close second.

I can only imagine Carol's face, no, wait, Barry's face were he or she or heck, both to see this. Oh, the hilarity that would follow.
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"I joined the Star Sapphires instead because it makes me fabulous!" :iconhaljordanplz::iconlaughingplz:
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Wow...I like this for the fact that it shows how gender selective the Violet Lantern Corp uniform is, that and Hal in this oufit is a funny concept :nod:
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Im not gay but.....FLAP FLAP FLAP
Thats all
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He is going to have a hard time coming off as a kick butt intergalactic cop in that outfit. I can't tell if he is going to fight crime or do he has a side job as a male stripper.
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Noy sure if this is the scariest or the coolest thing ever.
Love it xD
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Ha, poor Hal. Probably flying to try and find his dignity. To be honest I actually kind of like this pic. Not cuz I'm into dudes (not that there's anything wrong with that) but because it fills one of the gaps for Hal. There is a part of me that always wants to get on eBay and get all five figures of Hal for the corps he has been connected to. But there is still one I have never seen Hal in, the Indigo Tribe. Those crazy Nok talking, staff carrying, Na'vi looking people who apprently spend most of their time in a long line walking across big trees.
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No one has any dignity in those get ups. Male or Female. Crying shame.

Hn. Yup. I guess the Hal fanboys running DC right now don't see those corps as "good enough" for Hal Jordan.
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