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GL:TAS - Rage Bunny

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Since I’ve seen other folk who hate Hal Jordan on here trying out Green Lantern: The Animated Series on here and liking it (in large part because it operates as an ensemble cast rather than Hal-is-the-center-of-the-universe) I gave it a try. So far so good. Definitely loving Razer, Aya, and Kilowog lots and lots. One thing I feel the need to share though… I first saw Razer from the back, and got this mental association for him that I just cannot kick...

The spikes/fins/whatever on his head gear make him look like a bunny.

Watching while somewhat buzzed may have helped to prompt that, but I cannot and do not want to kick the idea.

He is a pwecious sad little rage bunny.

I also love his interactions with Aya (ship it like FedEx), and scribbles devolved into drawing him as Aya's pet bunbun.
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Hahahaha! I also first saw him from the back. I said the exact same thing. He's a bunny! Good to know I wasn't the only one.
VanishingStarlight's avatar
Aww, I'd want to have that bunny. Nice work! And it's also nice to know I'm not the only one who sees he's a little zebra-bunny. XD
TdankBelle's avatar
Every time I see Razer the rage bunny, I can't help thinking about Raven from Teen Titans and how she hated being a bunny! ;)
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There's also a "Razer is a zebra" theory, but the rage bunny one is way cuter and more popular <3
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I can seean entire episode plot right here. During their travels, they meet some kind of space witch, who turns Razer into a bunny then gets away. One scene in particular comes to mind. Ayas holding bunny Razer while Kilowog is mock-oogoling over it "Awwwww, look at the little angry bunny!" Razer: "I promise you, when I am returned to my normal form, I will cut out your entrials, set them on fire, and make you eat them. Still. Burning."
A-young-soul's avatar
aww too cute, great artwork
That is adorable. X D And in all honesty, there was only one thing I did not like with the animated green lanterns, and that was atroctiouses design. I spelled that so freaking wrong...sorry. But I felt that could have improved the design and make that a lot better. Everything else though was good.

Anyways, very adorable and great job.
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This is one of he most adorable things I have ever seen.
CrazyFangirl01's avatar
This is adorable and rediculous at the same time. XD
Dei-Ryuu's avatar
XD, I cannot unsee it now.

(Its just like Barnaby from Tiger&Bunny, cause his helmet has similar extensions on it, which is how he got nicknamed 'Bunny')
SilverZeo's avatar
Think she can comfort a sad little eath wolf cub named Sean Obihiro?
elfgrove's avatar
...What on Earth are you talking about?
SilverZeo's avatar
He is a character from Megaman who is alot like Razer. Young, tech. genius, angry, and puppets to bigger villains. Only instead of looking like a bunny, Sean made a giant cyber wolf monster...
elfgrove's avatar
Zeo, can you please not make comments that are basically irrelevant to my deviations? I don't watch Megaman, it's in no way part of this drawing, so I have no reason to care if one character bears vague similarities to Razer.
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He's always prone to keeping to himself; especially how he became a red in the first place.
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Well, keeping to himself isn't how he became a Red Lantern, making bad choices was. He was very close to Ilana.
ArchAngelSx's avatar
I mean he doesn't talk about how he became such.
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i knew i wasnt the only who thought of razer as a bunny.he really reaminded me of one
elfgrove's avatar
Yes. More to the bunny theory!
What-the-Gaff's avatar

Personally, I liked it when he met St Walker last episode. Walker gave him a serious Miyagi schooling.
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Me too. Saint Walker needs to turn him to the Blue Lantern Corp. :)
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Oh god, I will never look at Razer the same way again, lol XD
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