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Flash Family Chibis

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Some minor costume redesigns for the Flash Family.

Left to Right:
Jesse Chambers (Jesse Quick), Jenni Ognats (XS), Jay Garrick (Flash I), Barry Allen (Flash II), Wally West (Flash III), Irey West (Impulse), Max Crandall (Max Mercury), Bart Allen (Kid Mercury), Thad Thawne (Inertia)
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Wow look at all these cool people.(and Wally).
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i support this wally redesign give him his own identity with still being cool
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Great pic I love what Wally's doing with Iris
Akogare's avatar
Flash famreeeeeeee<3<3<3 Look at them all! So cute:heart:
OtteryStCatchpole's avatar
Kid Mercury ... best new character ever! I always wonder why DC doesn't hire more fans instead of the people making Wally disappear and changing all the continuity ... *sighs* Neat pic.
Jorell-Rivera's avatar
Great designs. The Mercury and Jesse Quick outfits are really cool.
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Now they just need a Flash-pet of some sort...
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Well... Bart used to have a dog named Dox...
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