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East ofthe Sun West ofthe Moon

Part of ~elfgrove's & =Asatira's Steampunk Fairy Tales universe.

The peasant girl, Johanne Westgard, based on East of the Sun and West of the Moon --costume design copyright © ~elfgrove/B.R. Shropshire, designed specifically for ~earthstar.

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Colored version of:

The character is the peasant girl from the folk tale East of the Sun and West of the Moon. The design is based on some direction from and a photo of ~earthstar and a coat she already owns. It was a lot of fun putting together a design for this with the known constraints and a specific person in mind.

Rather than the horses, I've given her a flying machine--seen in the background, and instead of going from horse to horse begging directions, she has an Ætheric compass connected to a mechanical golden bird to lead her way to the castle East of the Sun and West of the Moon.
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Beautiful work, I love the mucha influence and such a neat twist on the tale.
But the face, it bugs. :/ Which is rather small considering how wonderful everything else looks! Needs a touch of shading to really bring it out! :D
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Aww geez, your takes on these characters and stories are just wonderful and creative! <3 I love her design and how you have a flying machine, compass and bird. She looks like an interesting character; that is to say, the personality you've given her intrigues me. It doesn't seem the same as in the story, but still one that works. Awesome stuff.
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EEEE! I love it, it's so awesome. Thanks for drawing it. I hope it wasn't too tricky. Also, I like the colour combination you choose, I find it highlights the details more. ^_^
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I'm glad you like it. :heart: This is the first character I've done with a non-white shirt in the series, and I rather liked the effect.
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Aww! I love that story!
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I'd actually never heard of it before :iconearthstar: requested it, but it's definitely a good one.
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I had all of hans Christian Anderson's stories when I was little. My dad read them to me and that was one of my favourites. I also liked The Emporers New Clothes.
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