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Crown Prince Lohengrin

Part of =elfgrove's & =Asatira's Steampunk Fairy Tales universe.

Crown Prince Aric Lohengrin, based on The Wild Swans --character and costume design are copyright © =elfgrove/B.R. Shropshire.

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Colored version of:

Aric is the eldest of the seven (6 brothers, 1 sister), and next in line for the throne.
This also makes him Conn and Odette's big brother.

Like all of the Lohengrin royalty, he has white hair and blue eyes. This genetic tendency has made it unnecessary for the royalty of their country to wear much in the way of ornamentation, although most of the time the members of the royal house dress in shades of blue, white, and gray. He wears a simple circlet, the only thing that differentiates him from his siblings as the heir apparent.

Displayed behind him are his personal gun-sword and the king's crown--his future.

(Yes, I realize that his hand is freakishly huge. Proportions failure.)
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Aside from the hand, this is great. Love how he looks. The colours came out beautifully. You need to do the whole family together.
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Yeah, that hand looks like either it's trying to turn into a wing, or the fingers are trying to wriggle free of his body.. >_>

But the rest of it looks great! Stylish background (gun-sword makes me curious), and excellent detail on the little watch gears.
elfgrove's avatar
Yeah. I can't have great anatomy every time, but I've been improving.

I need to finish designing the Lohengrin clan and do a group photo of all the boys with their gun-swords fully-visible.
WalkwithoutRhythm's avatar
Yeah, it was a good attempt, just came out a little wonky. You've certainly been improving, this is just one of those little trip-ups that happens now and then. :)

The group shot does sound like a fun idea too. :D
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Yeah, it's just a bit intimidating. These images are so detailed and take ages to ink.