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CT: May 2012 Contest

:iconclub-tutu: May 2012 Contest
Animal Forms


As fans of the Princess Tutu series, we're no strangers to animals as characters. Princess Tutu herself is secretly a duck and the big bad monster is a nightmare-incarnation of a Raven. For this month's challenge, we're asking you to draw or write about a human character being an animal. They can always have been that way, or this may be the result of a spell or one of Drosselmeyer's latest machinations. The main trick is that the art or prose must focus on this character and their animal form. Get creative!
Please be sure to read the detailed rules to this!

Deadline: May 28, 11 p.m. PST

Things to keep in mind:
:bulletred: The following characters are off-limits for this contest as they already have animal forms: Ahiru/Duck, Monster Raven, Mr. Cat, Mytho's Raven form from the second season, and other animal side characters.
:bulletblack: Be sure to check the updated community contest rules to be certain you're in keeping with them. [link]
:new: :bulletred: Additional clarification: If you decide to use one of the off-limits characters at all in you entry, art or fic they must be in one of their canon forms and they must be minor to the overall piece. The focus of this prompt is the human characters in animal forms. Whether or not the inclusion is minor will be judged on a case-by-case basis (especially for fiction entries), but our general rule of thumb for art pieces is that minor inclusion means they at most take up no more than 1/3rd of the image. Honestly, it's safer to NOT use an off-limits character at all.

To Enter:
:bulletpink: Both fan art & fan fiction are accepted.
:bulletgreen: Only entries that adhere to the rules set in the contest prompt will be accepted.
:bulletpink: To be an official entry, you must submit your piece into the "2012 MAY Contest" gallery folder by the deadline.
:bulletgreen: After the deadline has passed, the folder will be closed and no new submissions will be accepted.
:bulletpink: As per general contest rules, you are allowed to submit up to three entries. (Admin may only submit one.)

Popular Choice: Feature on the club front page.
Admins' Choice: Feature on the club front page.
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TheGuardianOfSlashes's avatar
Awesome! I'm entering :love:
earthstar's avatar
I'm halfway done my entry, this was a good idea. ^_^
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Ooh this contest sounds like a lot of fun! i THINK i have some inspiration... :)
Nanenna's avatar
Oh! I just may have to set aside some time to work on this! I already have inspiration!
Internal-Flame13's avatar
Eeeee i cant wait to get started!!! I finally have inspiration for the contest! (not that the other contest didint have any insperation, just that my mind would get an idea that i could take NOWHERE!!:() any way i cant wait to get started