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AEtheric Little Mermaid

EDIT: This design is getting scrapped entirely in lieu of going for a less Disney-influenced design.

"I've been wondering, why in the last few decades have most of the unsavory sorts turned to air travel? You hardly ever hear about pirates any more. It's all Sky Pirates this, and Sky Pirates that."

"Well for one, most shipping of valuables is done by dirigible these days. The goods they want to steal are mostly in the skies.

In the second, the Mer-Folk control the seas above and below the waves. They've started using ships themselves and the highest tech of weapons are traded to them in exchange for safe passage and guides along the sea routes. I wouldn't want to cross a folk as familiar with water-based arcane aetherics as they are with technology out on the open sea. Rumor says the Sea King's thirteen daughters direct the Mer-Folk fleets themselves, and that the princesses of the seas are as temperamental as the oceans they rule."

"A bunch of silly princesses run the seas? I'll believe it when I see it."

"You're a fool about women, Eric. One day your good looks won't get you out of the trouble you generate."

Still playing with the color schemes here. I want her clothing to have jewel tones from a color perspective. She's a pirate (in a way--she'd take offense to that) but she also comes from beneath the waves with the brightly colored fish and coral reefs.

This feels a little eye-searing though, and I need help.


Part of ~elfgrove's & =Asatira's Steampunk Fairy Tales/AEtheric Universe.

- Ariel Naunet Galilee, loosely based on The Little Mermaid --character and costume design are copyright © ~elfgrove/B.R. Shropshire.

All art posted here is copyright © B.R. Shropshire. Do not copy, reuse, modify, or redistribute without express written permission.
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Little Mermaid is a part of this, too?! That's so cool and so is her design. Love all the little details.
There's a good range of line weight and I like the colours. There's just one thing to watch for. When put in grey scale the red, orange and purple are all the same tone. If that's what you're intending then you've done a great job. Otherwise you should consider tweaking the ranges. This probably sounds silly considering you're doing this in full colour, but tone is key for images, too just as equally as saturation and colour. Since you're still playing around with the colour scheme this may help you out in coming up with one you decide to go with. Hope this helps you out. c:
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No those things about the color make sense. I think I'll scrap this one entirely and restart. Her face looks terrible.
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Aww~~~ Well if you do so I hope the results please you. It's fun to explore! Hee hee
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They're all part of it. ;) Every fairy tale exists in that universe in some form. It's just a matter of whether or not we explore it.
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This is an exciting proposition. It makes the possibilities seem almost endless.
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Yup. I'd love to get a group of writers to do a book of short stories based around it once the base universe rules are established.
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A group of writers? Oh golly gawsh this keeps getting better! I hope it comes to fruition one day.
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Cool idea story-wise! As for the colors, maybe a more faded purple and a darker green? The two seem to be about the same intensity at the moment.

The bright coral color theme is a cool idea, but maybe consider that being on deck or in and out of the seawater all day might fade or stain their clothes. There'd be more variation, even with a bright starting color.
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It may be a little bit eye-searing, but I think it fits the character (at least, if you are basing her off of the Disney princess, as based on the color scheme. =P)
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I was using Disney for the color scheme, but looking at it again, I think I want to get away from that. I do want to keep the gaudy colors, just make them match better.
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Well, I can't wait to see what it looks like! <3
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Hey, if I recall, real pirates tended to dress pretty gaudy. Wouldn't be all that unusual for the merfolk pirates to do the same.
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I dunno about eye-searing; it could just be my laptop's brightness, but it looks fine to me? But idk, maybe darker colors or something? Like a darker green, or a darker, bit more reddish purple. Would it be worse if the shirt was orange, or not? I always think of orange when I think of sea fish--I think because of Finding Nemo. >__>

Also, I like the story snippet! o3o

And...this is really unhelpful, ffff.
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