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I'm a Software Engineer by profession, an artist, writer, and cosplayer by hobby. My first love is mythology and legends --particularly of the Northern European variety. Fantasy/SciFi novels, comics, Japanese anime, and the rest are all secondary.
I'm forgetful. If I don't do something I promised you, shoot me a note. Remind me.
Priority Projects: Batgirls!!, Gwarcheidwad: Guardian+spiriT, Overhill, Schwäne Zwei, and CotND
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None of my art or original characters are available for general use without getting my permission in writing. This includes, reposting, making icons, or anything else you might think of. Ask me FIRST. I'm not as mean as I appear.
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Swords, Fantasy, Anime, Martial Arts, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Hiking, Walking, Reading, etc.


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I really like his character design. The light brown eyes and blonde hair are a pleasant mix. You've also accomplished a good shade for his skin that doesn't make him look pale or overly tanned.

My only critiques would be that his eyebrow on the right side of the image seems to come a little too far into the center of his face anatomy wise. There's not quite enough room for the bridge of his nose. The second critique is that if you'll be drawing him smoking normally, you should probably start watching smokers in action. The positioning of his hand and fingers are good, but cigarette smoke does not work that way. it always flows up, and generally in little wisps.

The entire illustration is a pleasant mix of warm and cool colors. The subtle background work of the people walking past give the impression of a busy cafeteria without taking the focus off Nobu.

Also, amazing job on the clothing folds. It looks very realistic. Given how much trouble I personally have with them, I also have to note that the hand is really well-drawn.

I'm looking forward to seeing more Torakku art, and I have to ask, are any of your comic works available in English? Or in the US at all for that matter? <img src="e.deviantart.net/emoticons/w/w…" width="15" height="15" alt=";)" title=";) (Wink) - ;)"/>
Torakku: Nobu
Happy to hear it was resolved. No artist deserves to be ripped off.
Ty Lee

Re: "...but"
I'm not sure if you're just lazy, an asshole, that bad at navigating DA, or all of the above. But I'm going to try a response to this comment anyways.

1.) Commenting on a completely unrelated art piece (and an older one at that) in my gallery about a completely different art piece is a pretty off topic and rude thing to do. It says I looked at this, but I didn't care about it enough to comment on it so I'm going to talk about something else but I don't actually care about this something else enough to bother finding it to directly comment on it either. If you want to comment on a particular piece, comment on that piece. If you can't find something, comment on my front page, not on another art piece.

2.) The piece you are looking for is here: [link] It is strongly based on existing DC Comics characters proposing a second generation comics Young Justice team. It was drawn long before the animated show had aired. Go there, read the description and comments. If you have further qustions, add a comment on the relevant DA art piece.
White Swan + Red Robin