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My Bio
ElfGrove Studio
B.R. Shropshire
(Call me ElfGrove, E.G., Elf, or Elfie.)

I'm a Software Engineer by profession, an artist, writer, and cosplayer by hobby. My first love is mythology and legends --particularly of the Northern European variety. Fantasy/SciFi novels, comics, Japanese anime, and the rest are all secondary.
I'm forgetful. If I don't do something I promised you, shoot me a note. Remind me.
Priority Projects: Batgirls!!, Gwarcheidwad: Guardian+spiriT, Overhill, Schwäne Zwei, and CotND
Current Fandom Obsessions: [Anime/Manga] Slayers, Princess Tutu, Fairy Tail, VB Rose, I Hate You More Than Anyone; [DC Comics] Bart Allen, Kon-El, Cassie Sandsmark, Tim Drake, Jamie Reyes, Micheal Jon Carter, Stephanie Brown, 3boot!Brainiac 5, 3boot!Dream Girl, 3boot!Legion of SuperHeroes, Teen Titans, Young Justice, The Flash Family; [TV] Castle, Warehouse 13, Haven, Destination Truth, No Ordinary Family; [Other] The Last Unicorn, Labyrinth, Pride & Prejudice, Steampunk
LiveLournal: elfgrove_studio & lycorne
Tumblr: ElfGrove, FYMoonGuardians, BatgirlsManga
Twitter: ElfGrove

None of my art or original characters are available for general use without getting my permission in writing. This includes, reposting, making icons, or anything else you might think of. Ask me FIRST. I'm not as mean as I appear.
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Current Residence: San Diego, CA
Operating System: Windows XP / Unix
Shell of choice: Bourne Shell
Personal Quote: Let me be your "Shining Armor".

Favourite Gaming Platform
Wii & Playstation
Other Interests
Swords, Fantasy, Anime, Martial Arts, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Hiking, Walking, Reading, etc.
...nice when you comment on my work with a coded insult. Let me re-iterate this concept guys. Looking at an artist's original character and then immediately commenting how you think they resemble/look just like/must be based on some other character is incredibly insulting roughly 90% of the time. If you're about to type out that sentence, you better mean it as an insult, because it sure as double hockey-sticks is NOT a compliment. Why? Because this sort of comment generally implies the following. :bulletred: Your way of drawing this is not sufficiently differentiated enough from this other thing (which the artist may or may not even be fam
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I wasn't originally going to make a journal about this, and I will not be naming names or pointing anyone to the deviation in question because I am not very often in the practice of cornering people in their personal space to harass them nor sicking mobs on fellow deviants. Besides, the user's comments have been hidden for his protection, so there's nothing of interest to be read. But I feel the need to rant. I hate having to block people. My block list is very short, and in every case has been of people who would not leave me alone within my personal corner of DeviantArt. That said, I just found it necessary to block a user. It started w
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Space.com: Surprise! Alien Planet Made of Diamond Discovered "The once mythical diamond planet, which reflects the light of the universe. The light of the universe is what keeps the planets and other worlds happy and warm. Some suspect it's power is similar to that of the Sun." "The Diamond Planet, all the light in the universe has to pass through it." ~ Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer Your life has just been made a little more complete. You're welcome. ;) ...Crap. Now that damn Princess is going to ruin color for everyone!
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