WIP vol 3. (WCS) Full armor set ready!

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Okay, now I finally finished the shoes.
These shoes were the final part of my armor, so now they are 100% ready!
Here goes the WIP photo set~
Hope you like it! ^^

It was extremely hard to put everything on.
And the weather is also hot, so I almost died while trying to put every part on by myself.
I really need someone to help me next time.
But finally I managed to do it somehow.
Lol, I look like a knight! :D

And remember, this is my first full armor set tryout ever, and my second time using wonderflex as a material.
So basically this is a prototype and kind of a test project for my future cosplay costumes also xD
I'll definitely choose some more extreme armors next time.

This is the costume for WCS (World Cosplay Summit) 2011 next week.

But first, the shoes:

First I picked up some old cosplay shoes. And I made the ankle pattern by taping my foot and then cutting it off.

Cutting some wonderflex and making more patterns.

Upper part of the shoes ready for painting.

Toe tips out of wonderflex.

Attaching toe tips.

Black base paint. There are three separate parts in these shoes, and I don't need to attach them by any way.

Same painting method as in previous armors. Dark blue - Lighter blue - Lightest blue.

Lighter blue

Lightest blue

Gold for the ornaments~

READY! Yohooooo~ :D And they feel very comfortable!

Okay lol, trying my armors on for the very first time.
What a pain in the ass. Lol!
And those trousers and that shirt, they are just my usual clothes, not included in the finished version of this cosplay.
I'm making an under suit with dragon patterns out of silk next.

Oh yai! Trying out some warmer light so you can see how the armors change color depending on the lighting environment. And yup, that's really me. I'm very white and blondish. Kinda weird to see myself without a cosplay in DA.

"My lord, your humble servant, Knight Elffi at your service~"

This is the finished product. All done.

How does it look like?

Total time: 4 days

Total materials:
-2 sheets of wonderflex (one sheet is 140cm x 110cm)
-one roll of soft foam (craft foam, 30cm x 180cm)
-50 rivets
-50cm of rubber band
-10 bottles of blue, lighter blue, white and golden miniature paints
-old cosplay shoes
-3 bottles of black matt base spray
-small piece of finnfoam inside the shoulder pads
-50cm of leather belt for the shoulder pads
-30 bottles of beer
-5 pizzas
-3 liters of coffee

And if you got any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!
I'm quite happy that I finished this~


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