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Ragna The Bloodedge - Blazblue


I was exploring my laptop and found a huge folder full of my Ragna cosplay! Woah! I didn't even remember that I had something like this. Totally awesome photos~

I decided to have a little break from making my new Gildarts Clive cosplay and I edited this one photo of Ragna. Though my photoshop skills are not really cool, I just changed some colors like always ^^; Hope you like it! I really like this photo myself.

Ragna the Blooedge - Blazblue by: Me (Elffi)
Photographer: Yayagami
Taken at: Lahti, Desucon 2010, Finland!

If you have any questions regarding the costume, please don't hesitate to ask! ^^

For more updates and photos, visit my official Facebook page!

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Canon EOS 40D
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1/197 second
Focal Length
18 mm
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Date Taken
Jun 13, 2010, 12:16:58 PM
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Restriction 666 remove
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Dude, baaaaaad aaaasss
HeavenlyEclipse's avatar
How do you manage to get your wigs to look so perfect? O.o I can't even style my baby sister's hair -_-;
Elffi's avatar
Oh I dunno, I'm bald in real life. I just use normal hairspray and hairwax.
And normal scissors from a supermarket!
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You make SUCH a good Ragna! O_O I really love the wig!
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Any tips on where to find realistic stuff like this for a first time Ragna cosplay? o.o
Elffi's avatar
Stuff? You mean costume? I made the costume so I have no idea :D
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Hey there good guy!!!-tao nice cosplay
7891's avatar
Looks good
Fenwrath's avatar
Ive been looking at a few of your awesome cosplays, How do you manage to get the wigs to have such defined spikes?
The wig on this one and on the Kamina look so well styled I would love to know how you manage to get such a good shape to them.
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Oh yeah, I use this wig known as Punky XL.
I don't know if it's on sale anymore :3
Try searching it on Google or Ebay!
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Woah!! You really look GREAT As Ragna The Bloodedge, one of the best i've ever seen :happybounce: ... And the background is amazing!! :D .. Would you mind if i ask you a few questions about the suit via inbox ? :)
Elffi's avatar
Yeah, sure! No problem!

Thank you so much! <3 (≧∇≦)/

I'm sorry for being so busy lately!
NoctisMinato's avatar
Note sent!! No worries and thank u again for the response!
Keep on the awesomeness!! :D
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...I want that sword dude.
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Haha, it's MINE! >:D
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I like this photo. It's wicked awesome. ^^b
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ThankieS! ^^
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xD Your welcome Elffi.
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