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Dean X Reader: Possession (One-Shot!)
Dean X Reader: Possession (One-Shot!)
    You were about to walk upstairs to go to bed when you heard the doorbell ring, it was far past midnight, you set your book down on a nearby table and opened the door to see your boyfriend Dean standing on the porch, his face and clothes splattered in blood. Dean walked inside and set his duffle bag down on the table, he then walked upstairs and into the bathroom, he looked at himself in the mirror utterly horrified and quickly washed the blood off his face.
    “I thought you were on a hunting trip with your brother… It looked like you murdered someone Dean…” You mumbled, “Did you get attacked by something?” You asked, seeing the long slash marks on the back of his jacket.
    “We need to talk…” Dean uttered, he carefully removed his jacket, he winced when he removed his shirt to reveal long slash marks on his chest.
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Take Me Down (Dean x Reader) Part 3
(A/N) Just imagine Andrew Scott as the demon cos that's what i did lol
The cool desert wind beat against your face as you hurtled down the lonesome desert road. Led Zepplin was blasting out of all the open windows into the clear night. Your hair was whipping all around you, completely untamed. You glanced in the rear view mirror and saw your bloodshot eyes staring back. They were swollen and puffy, silent tears still streaming out, smearing your days old eyeliner even more than it already was.
You turned away and looked back out at the abyss in front of you, taking a long drink amber whiskey before tossing it in the seat next to you.
You squinted your eyes as you looked into the distance. You sped along for a few more minutes before suddenly slamming on the brakes as you jerked the wheel to the side.
The Impala skid violently to the right. When it stopped the headlights illuminated where two sandy roads met.
A crossroads.
You sat still, just staring out at the paths as the radio contin
:iconcallmewinchester:callmewinchester 5 0
True Family (Sam x Reader)
(A/n)I wrote this like two weeks ago and posted it on Tumblr but totally forgot to put it here...sorry!
(A/N) This involves scenes from the season 14 premiere. If you like Mary Winchester you might not like it because I do not like her very much at all and this piece reflects that. Just warning you. But Sam’s in it so read for him lol Also I didn’t proof read because its 630 am and i’m tired.]

The door to the bunker opened with a groan. Out of habit you expected to met with silence and stillness. Instead you heard the clamor of hunters. You saw various people milling about here and there. It made you uneasy. It felt like a bunch of strangers had just taken over your home. You knew they were good people, or least you think you knew. You didn’t really know any of them personally. You hadn’t gotten the time too. A part of you felt guilty over it. These people had helped you and all you could think about was how they were constantly moving thing
:iconcallmewinchester:callmewinchester 9 5
Prank Wars Part II Gabriel X Reader
Lately, you have been feeling a bit under the weather. No particular reason really, you have just been in a bad mood. The Winchesters weren't helping, oh hell no. Dean was constantly annoying you about you trying to keep a more healthier food selection. And Sam tried to be helpful, but ended up becoming more of a nuisance saying "its okay" or "everything will be alright". Dammit Sammy! We are hunters! Nothing is never alright
But, Gabe just came along and cheered you up instantly. With his sweet addiction and his love of pranks, hence his name, The Trickster, he knew the perfect remedy to anything. So the second official prank battle between you and Gabe vs. the Winchesters began. You told Gabe about the previous one involving you and Dean. The hide and seek game that ended with Dean pissing himself and getting ice water poured over his head. You also showed him the video, which made him even more anxious for the first prank to be unveiled.
"Okay, (Y/N). I'm thinking I play a little Lo
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Prank Wars Part I Dean Winchester X Reader
"You're it." You whisper and run away from Dean. You two had been playing tag in the bunker since you got back from your recent hunt. It was something to kill time.
"I'm gonna get you (Y/N)!" Dean yelled as he ran in your general direction.
"Keep it down! Some of us don't want to act like 5 year old's all the time." Sam mumbled from the library.
You decided to hide this time, so you climbed on the top shelf in your closet. Dean couldn't reach to tag you, though he was taller than you.
"(Y/N), I know you are in here!" Dean entered your room and looked under the bed. You stifled a laugh so Dean couldn't hear you. "Where the hell are you?" Dean slammed your closet doors open and looked at the small pile of clothes on the floor. Distraction from the main even up top.
You decided to help out Dean. "Up here you idjit." You scooted closer to the back of the closet even further.
"How the-? Never mind, your it!" Dean tried to tag you, but alas, he could not reach you as you predicted. "Why.. ca
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Infected Part IV Dean Winchester X Reader
This is a "pick your own ending" and last part of the Infected series. However, you don't know what ending you will be getting
Your mind was racing a mile a minute. No. Your brain was deceiving you, your eyes playing tricks, the lighting was off. It was dark and Dean only had some other illness that you couldn't place, this was not the Croataon virus. He cared for you, that's why he pushed you out to suddenly, so you wouldn't get sick with whatever he had. You had landed on the cold dirt, your butt covered in dust from the hard shove Dean gave you. Your hands shook as they palmed the ground, your fears racing through your body. You swallowed hard, your mouth dry. Your eyes filled to the brim with unshed tears, even though you had no idea what was truly going on.
"Dean..." Your voice was at best a hoarse whisper.
You kept thinking back to Dean's face, it was twisted with fear, pain, and murder. His eyes held no light, no softness, no teasing twinkle. His eyebrows were knit
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Infected Part III Dean Winchester X Reader
Light poured in through the shredded spots of the fabric tent. It shone onto your face and seeped through to your hooded eyes. Groaning, you turned your face away from the light, the arm around you adjusting to the change in position. But you couldn't fall back to sleep on a day like this. Not when this was your first day off in months. Not when this was the first day since you and Dean became an official pair that you had off. Parading around for months with teenage love dancing in your eyes. 
"Dean." You whispered, but it was not enough to stir the sleeping man. "Dean wake up." You lightly patted his face, the stubble from his cheeks poking your palm. "Goddammit man don't make me kick you." You muttered, annoyed.
All he did was pull you closer.
"Why does your tent have to be so much nicer than mine?" He sighed, still half asleep, placing his chin on top of your head.
"Because I'm a captain, your just a soldier." You explained, tracing a random design on his bare chest.
"But I'm
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Infected Part II Dean Winchester X Reader
Tall, but not as tall as Sam. Handsome, yet had that rugged look. Blonde, but not like the blazing sun, more like wet sand on a beach. Toned, fit, and agile, training had been paying off. Humorous, even during battle. Dependent, the connection was obviously clear with Sam. Experienced, more than anyone should be at this day and age. Scarred; mentally, physically, emotionally. 
Camp 14 was having it's annual Friday night King of the Court skirmish, although the soldiers here call it King of the Camp. Rules were simple. Two people fight, the one who wins moves onto the next round. Whoever beats as many people as they can in a row wins. The men here claimed that this was "A method to blow of steam", which you didn't exactly buy. You never participated in these little matches, knowing you would drop each of them like flies without have to raise your hands. Why dirty your hand even more when you could only take showers two times a week?
Dean Winchester was the new recruit that w
:iconavengingsupernatural:AvengingSupernatural 4 0
Substitute detective (Lucifer X reader) part 4
Back at the victim’s house, you knocked on the door.   The wife Jamie Skylor answered, she let her in.  “detective, do you have any other news?”  
“None that i can say. I have a few questions for you.”  You said.
She nods. “Care for some coffee?”
“Do you have tea?”  You ask.
Mrs. Skylor nods, leading you  to the kitchen.  You sat down at the table as Mrs. Skylor put a kettle on the stove. She also placed a tea bag into a mug.    “What can you tell me about Robin’s coworker  Samantha?”    
The kettled soon whistled and she poured the hot water into the mug.   “She was nice.  Her and Robin went out for drinks once.    Do you take sugar?”  
“Only a little.”   You answered watching her add sugar to the tea.   She then poured herself a cup of coffee and handed you the mug.    “Have you m
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Infected Part I Dean Winchester X Reader
Kansas City, Missouri. A city overrun with the deadly disease, the Croatoan virus. It is known that this virus turns any living being into a mindless flesh eater, only locking on the scent of skin and blood, pursuing the victim with haste. This infection is unforgiving, never slowing the spread of it's deadly toxins until the host's body cannot live with them anymore, and they move on. With no cure, unless its a bullet to the head, survival rates have dropped into the low twenties. The life expectancy now is 30's-40's, anyone who lives longer than 50 is said to have become immune to the virus and is encouraged to donate blood, although no real scientific evidence proves this may cure the disease.
Elderly have almost all died out, having little to no ways to stop the virus, they die almost instantly. Pregnant mothers are even more exposed to the disease, yet the effects are different. Rather than over taking the woman, the Croatoan virus develops in the fetus, but doesn't kill it as the
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Castiel by Nioell Castiel :iconnioell:Nioell 10 3 no dean no! by tiny-fallen-angel no dean no! :icontiny-fallen-angel:tiny-fallen-angel 10 7
The Fledgling - Part 7
    Having been inflicted by one of very few weapons that threaten an angel, the wound in Castiel’s shoulder stubbornly refuses to close, seeps blood and Grace, and soaks up the energy required to heal his other, minor wounds. The pain of it is sharp, the arm prickly and numb, the throbbing deep and reverberating down his spine, but he can’t tell if it pierced through his back. Coddling his injured left shoulder and feeling the sting of his brother’s other blows, he teleports out of the alley and back the Winchesters’ motel. His aim is off, and he lands just outside their room. When Dean opens the door, Cass’ strength reaches its end, and he’s half dragged into the room by the older brother.
    “What happened, Cass?” Dean demands to know, letting his friend rest on the floor.
    Cass sits forward, bracing his weight on his good arm and breathing hard. “They found me. They
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