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Gadreel x Reader: Toska
"Do you know how rare it is for me to receive a prayer?"
You knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that this was just a dream, that the warm sunlight trailing through the window wasn't really there, that the light weight of the quilt draped over your legs was an illusion, that the vibrant scents of cinnamon and orange from the nearby mug were just a part of the hallucination. It was a room you had not seen since childhood, golden haze shrouding the scene in a whimsical wistfulness.
But the voice was decidedly real.
"I miss you," you sighed, ignoring the rhetorical question he had spoken earlier, and you turned to face him, greedily drinking in every inch you could.
Ancient eyes flickered your way, weighed down by thoughts and emotions you couldn't even hope to understand. "I know." He studied you a moment longer, then huffed, turning away again. "I miss you, as well. But it's not exactly safe for us right now, is it?"
You winced at his tone, reluctant to recall the multitude of dang
:icon12bfeygirl42:12bfeygirl42 3 0
Lucifer MorningstarxReader: Desire
"Well if it isn't my favorite detective!" You had to stop yourself from flinching as the English voice rang out of the crime scene. You tried to ignore the person as you knelt next to the victim. However, your uninvited guests had a different idea. Out of the corner of your eye, you saw a pair of polish shoes stop next to you. "You must not have heard me detective. You should get your hearing checked, it could affect your work."
You sighed, there was clearly no way he would let you ignore him. "I heard you just fine Lucifer." You glanced up at him. "What are you doing here anyway?"
Lucifer placed his hand over his heart. "I thought I was your partner detective, and you didn't even call me in on this case. I'm hurt."
"It seems like a pretty straight forward case. It would probably bore you."
"I'm never bored when I'm with you detective."
"Yes, you do see to enjoy driving me crazy." You stood up. "But I'm sure now that you're here, you won't just be going home."
"Of course not, I want to
:icon13youko:13Youko 17 2
42 - The Calm Before Zakuul by Aemixx 42 - The Calm Before Zakuul :iconaemixx:Aemixx 78 29
Heroes (Possessed!Reader)
“For the love of God, what the hell am I standing in?!” Dean lifted his foot, seeing a translucent mass stretching from his boot to the floor. “This is nasty!”
Sam looked over at his brother as he tried to shake off the sludge attached to his boot. “It’s ectoplasm. This is an old warehouse. Probably a few poltergeists who’ve made this place home.”
Dean’s head shot up. “Ectoplasm? What, are we hunting Slimer now? What’s next? The Stay Puft Marshmallow man?”
Giving a classic bitch face, Sam rolled his eyes. “Seriously, Dean? I highly doubt The Stay Puft Marshmallow man is real.”
Dean shrugged as he wiped the ectoplasm from his boot onto a shaggy rug. “Wouldn’t surprise me if it was, actually. So now we have to hunt down a few poltergeists, too? Dude, one case at a time. Let’s just find this witch hag spirit so we can leave and get some pie.”
"It’s not a witch, Dean. It’
:iconodoms-spire:Odoms-Spire 3 0
Stargazers - CasxReader
You sat at a booth in the bar that Dean had found a couple of blocks from the motel. Shockingly, it was more classy than you expected, with pool tables, a jukebox and pristine clean tables and glasses. You wondered why Dean had picked this establishment over the dive bar across from your motel, but then it hit you. ‘Unattached Drifter Christmas’ was today, or in English terms, ‘Valentine’s Day’. Dean’s favorite day of the year, where he could chat up someone who was just looking for a night of having ‘no strings attached’. He tried to steer clear of those who were taken, not wanting to be labeled a homewrecker.
So here you were, watching Dean talk up a petite, busty blonde, while Sam engaged in conversation with Eileen, both of them chatting and signing away. You tried to focus on the brothers and not the angel seated next to you. You had been crushing on Castiel since you first met him three years ago and still your feelings had not less
:iconodoms-spire:Odoms-Spire 4 0
Walking Away - DeanxReader
“Don’t ignore me, damn it! I’m talking to you!” Dean’s voice reverberated through the bunker entrance as he followed you down the stairs. This hunt had hit too close to home and you both were running on fear and adrenaline.
You had been chasing down a spirit who had been in limbo too long after he had died protecting the woman he loved from a masked intruder who had broke into their home. He wasn’t dangerous per se, but there was too much spiritual activity to ignore and the bones needed to be burned before the ghost would become violent. You and Dean had cornered him at a rundown farmhouse in Indiana, finding out that the man had been cremated and it was a pocket watch you needed to burn. As Dean was looking for the watch, you had stayed at the house, trying to coax the ghost out to buy Dean time.
When the ghost had appeared, you tried to explain to him that he was dead but he didn’t believe you.
“If I’m dead,” he murmured
:iconodoms-spire:Odoms-Spire 4 0
Touch by LicieOIC Touch :iconlicieoic:LicieOIC 23 0 Heavenly by blacktsubu Heavenly :iconblacktsubu:blacktsubu 40 1 Castiel - Supernatural by Owlzey Castiel - Supernatural :iconowlzey:Owlzey 205 38
Mature content
Gone - DeanxReader (Angst) :iconodoms-spire:Odoms-Spire 7 0
Mature content
Close Your Eyes - CasxReader (Angst) :iconodoms-spire:Odoms-Spire 5 2
Ice Cream and Silver Bullets - 2
Dean pushed the Impala well past the speed limit on his way back to Bobby’s. The air in the car was tense, more than even the radio could diffuse. Sam fidgeted from time to time on Dean’s shoulder, and he could hardly blame the little guy.
In their line of work, they couldn’t list off many friends. Even fewer at Sam’s scale. Making sure Oz was okay jumped to the top of their list of priorities.
The miles melted away and Dean’s hands ached from gripping the steering wheel so hard. He wanted to be optimistic and hope Oscar was okay, but his gut wouldn’t allow it. If nothing else, the fact that Oscar didn’t show up for breakfast was the biggest red flag they had. Oscar loved food.
The first time they met the little guy, Dean had thought Oscar’s eyes might bug out when they’d offered him some of their pizza. At the time, Dean was still unsure of how best to interact with the smaller guys, and it had left Oscar nervous around him.
:iconpl1:PL1 10 7
Angel's Wrath by LicieOIC Angel's Wrath :iconlicieoic:LicieOIC 38 0
Not For The World
It was a long and exhausting journey from the cold and windy shore of Bad Wolf Bay to the grand and glorious-looking Tyler Mansion. Upon arrival, everyone was physically, mentally, and emotionally drained. Jackie Tyler was adamant that Rose and the Doctor stay at the mansion for the night, rather than go to her flat when they had endured such a long, hard day.
Jackie was about to suggest separate bedrooms for the two of them, but one look at how tightly they held each other and the stubborn look on Rose’s face, she knew she would be wasting her breath. So, after hugging them both tightly, she shooed them on their way. Rose silently led the way up the wide, elegant staircase and down the high-arched hallway. 
At the far end of the long corridor, they came to a halt outside a plain white door.
“This is quite a ways away from all the other rooms,” the Doctor said, observing that Jackie and Pete had walked in the opposite direction, down another long hallway, wh
:iconsunniebelle:SunnieBelle 7 2
You Make Me Smile by LicieOIC You Make Me Smile :iconlicieoic:LicieOIC 20 0 SPN ENDING ANNOUNCEMENT INTERVIEWS: JARED by KamiDiox SPN ENDING ANNOUNCEMENT INTERVIEWS: JARED :iconkamidiox:KamiDiox 37 4



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