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Wanna see them dancing...

Continuing my Disney/underwater/mermaid theme :P

First of all: I can't take credit for the lineart here! I found this beautiful pencil drawing by DaiskiAnimeJ and she gave me the permission to color it! Thankyouthankyouthankyou!

The original is here: [link]

Anyways, this is still somewhat a VIP, but I'm a bit stuck, so don't be afraid to point out any mistakes, make suggestions, etc :)
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so expressive... i love it!
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she looks sad here...  really god work!, 
This is great! The illuminocity of the water making it electric blue really makes it more dramatic. Also thee ariel you drew is so cute and pretty! Keep up the good work :)
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I really love this coloring... and the drawing itself! Both show a bit of a darker side of her longing, a sort of tortured jealousy... it's hauntingly beautiful. Good work. <3
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beautiful lighting. :)
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Beautiful work :)
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I love Ariel's expression :) Well done!
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the colors... :O.....gorgeous
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OMG!!! Its amazing!
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I love it !!!!! XD
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I really love this colouring, it's so pretty and, can I say, full of emotion. Also this lighting what comes from the music box/"statue" (or whatever it is ever is) is pretty. Great job. :)
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i love the mood x
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Wow. She is so Ariel here - I can just imagine her singing the song and pausing in this pose :D
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This artwork has been featured in my journal entry: [link]
Have a great day! :D
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Love her expression. So many layers.
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The colors are very deep and soft, so lovely.
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Wow!! I really love it! ^^
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I like how you managed to put some blue into her hair without messing it up. :D
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FANTASTIC!!! I absolutely love it.
Ariel has been one of my all time favorite fictional characters ever since I was 5.
The hair is just magnificent!
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Thank you!

Haha, me too! I was about 5 when the original movie came out and, well, the next 5 years I basically wanted to be a mermaid.
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