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Marie Antoinette



Alternative title: "So let them eat cake...!"

Note to all history-nerds : (no offence, I am one too!) I know very well that Marie Antoinette did not look like this, nor did she say the famous cake- phrase. And so forth.

Just felt like drawing something kitchy- clichè-ish, and this is what manifested itself on my screen.

The...pinkest... picture I've ever made.

Model for Marie Antoinette: [link]
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Well,I must say that the term "history-nerd" ISN'T AT ALL APPROPRIATE!The correct term is PASSIONATE OF HISTORY and if you are one,YOU SHOULD KNOW THAT VERY WELL!Also,regarding what you said about Marie Antoinette:firstly,SHE LOOKED LIKE THAT in some aspects of her appearance like her eyes and even her hair!Then,while she probably didn't say the phrase with the cake,SHE WAS JUST THE TYPE OF PERSON WHO COULD HAVE SAID THAT!
And I REALLY DON'T UNDERSTAND why do you say that your drawing it's "kitchy and cliche-ish" when,in fact,IT'S NOT LIKE THAT!It's a very nice drawing.You diminish your own work!:( (Sad)