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An interesting topic has come up between artists about their policies on congoers taking photos in the Artist Alley. I just thought I'd take some time to share with those following me and reading this, if you are a congoer and like something you see and wish to take a photo, PLEASE have the courtesy to ask the artist! Some do not wish their work to be photographed, others might not mind so long as they are credited.

This is very important because what ends up happening with congoers sneaking photos without permission is they put it up online and oftentimes don't credit the artist.  I will not name names but a deviantart member has been found to post photos from an artist alley doing just that. 2 things might happen: viewers of those posts may wrongfully believe the person posting them is responsible for creating the work (which is stealing) or the artists lose exposure which is rightfully theirs because they have not been credited. I expect that deviantart account will probably be flooded soon with cease-and-desist type of responses from the artists who have seen their work photographed and posted up there.

So I know most congoers don't see the harm if they are doing it for personal pleasure and don't intend to sell it but not only is this disrespectful, it's wrong. What we artists sell in the alley is the image of our work. To take a photo is basically taking the image and not paying for it. You would be hurting the artist by doing this.  Please be respectful. Ask permission before taking photos, or don't take photos at all.  If you like something you see, buy it and support the artist. Thanks.

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