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So first off, apologies for anyone looking for my table at Otakon artist alley and did not find me, Sadly enough we didn't make it into the artist alley this year u_u For those wondering why, Otakon Artist alley is based on a lottery system, so even if we apply, we may not necessarily get a table spot. However that said, we decided to attend for fun! And fun it was! \^o^/

We had a lot of hotel issues this year, having to reach outside my friend group for hotel mates and with several people dropping in and out (even one two days before the convention). But with the rest of us who stayed together, it turned out to be a rather interesting group this year and I got to meet some really awesome people! Yay for more friends!!! ^o^

Major highlights of the con for me: rocking out some awesome cosplays! Gaius from Fire Emblem and Giovanni from pokemon. You can bet there will be photos to come. Unfortunately we didn't get to go to some of the panels we wanted to, and totally missed out on the maid cafe (again) but we still had plenty fun and got to meet some really sweet people at the photoshoots.

Although I didn't table this year, I did submit a couple of pieces in to the art show, and I sold 2! I'm super ecstatic! (to be honest wasn't expecting to sell any xD) So this was a great turnout and I got to make a few bucks while running around having fun lol! Also a first for me, actually commissioning someone from the Artist Alley this year. So I'm excited for when that would come in ^o^

All in all, the con went by super fast (faster than I would have liked) but it was so much fun. I would hope to get a table next year, but if not, this is one con I would still attend to just have fun. 

And keep watch for updates for future cons I will be attending! One coming up in 2 weeks so if you'd like to say hi to me, stop by at Saikoukon! :D

YES I'm going:
Zenkaikon (Lancaster, PA) - March 22-24 DONE!
AnimeBoston (Boston, MA) May 24-26th DONE!
Saikoucon (Breinigsville, PA) August 23-25
Youmacon (Detroit, MI)- October 31-Nov 3

Not Confirmed but hoping to attend!:
Magfest (national harbor, MD)- January 3-6


Special Thanks to:
my friend :iconassenders:
and my sisters :icondecolanlan: and :iconfinarvalost:

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I'm sorry I was one of those people who had to drop out, but at least I wasn't 2 days before right? ^^:: but I'm glad you had fun.
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Lol yeah you definitely were not that person who dropped two days before... and she was a last minute add on a week before. I politely told her that was not cool. Apparently everyone else in the room felt the same.  xD lol But nevertheless we did have a lot of fun and everyone in the room (who did stay) was super cool! so, ad new friends on to that? haha