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Echoes of Arcadia Playlist


Hey everyone who follows me! If you've followed me for a while MIGHT actually remember I have a comic Echoes of Arcadia (which admittingly I've neglected actually keeping updated here.) Long history with this project to into on here, but ECHOES OF ARCADIA WILL BE MAKING A RETURN. I'll be updating the comic on here to reach my other platforms in the near future but if you want to catch up with what's currently available, including the side story 'Dawn Beyond the Rift,' you can read it here:…

If not, hang tight, like I said I'll be catching up here as well soon enough.  


Anyway, I’m really excited to share this! To help with inspiration and motivation for myself for this project, I put together an Echoes of Arcadia music playlist. 

Click “Load,” submit “eoaplaylist" 

Patrons on my patreon can access extra info behind why I chose the song list. Support on


1. The Catalyst (Linkin Park)

2. You Wear a Crown but You’re No King (Bless the Fall)

3. With Eyes Wide Shut (Bless the Fall)

4. Until it’s Gone (Linkin Park)

5. Punk Rock Song (Bad Religion)

6. Welcome to Paradise (Green Day)

7. Nemesis (Arch Enemy)

8. Waiting for the Big One (Femme Fatale)

9. Forbidden Love (The Darkness)

10. Wretches and Kings (Linkin Park)

11. The Fight Song (Marilyn Manson)

12. You’re Going Down (Sick Puppies)

13. New Day Coming [Rock Version/WWE Theme Song] (CF0$)


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