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Whatever I love is always saved here <3
Well, My name is a secret :P BUT!! I am going to talk a little bit about myself.

For starters, I love to draw and I have since I was 2 1/2 years old and it started when I watched Sailormoon!!! ((Btw we share a birthday together :P)) 
I was very interested in Anime when I was smaller because they looked very pretty and detailed, so like Disney but more details <3 and bigger eyes xD lmfao. Seeing that though made me want to draw more, and to draw females because of their figure and silhouette was just astounding. As I drew at that age, I started to realize my artwork looked NOTHING like that and made me sad, seeing my parents art inspired me though because I wanted to be just like them! My mother was an artist of realism and my father was a fantasy artist.

I loved fantasy and realism so much I tried to draw just like my parents, and didn't look like theirs either and I was thinking to myself "Why doesn't mine look good?" So I looked at pictures and imitated them and started to look closer but not the way I wanted it to be. And when I got to the age of 4 I went to school in preschool/kindergarten and was taught how to be more creative because I loved art stuff and crafts <3 And as the years go by passing art and every other class I was in, I managed to experience something in grade 1 :D (Tracing paper) 

Yes that is right, I have traced before in my life, but when I needed it as a crutch because I hated drawing stick models or other ones.. So I just traced what I thought I needed, made my own eyes and my own hair and everything, and I could do eyes sorta with looking at pictures but posture was my issue and posing. As I traced for only 2 months I managed to get down what I knew without tracing and using memory I just kept going and I could draw as I kinda wanted but I knew I could do better, so I practiced and practiced and believe me when I say it was worth it all these 22 and a half years <3 ( I am 24 years old) and it is such an experience learning new ways to draw poses and hair, and eyes, and I just got creative and seeing other people's art on Deviantart or SheezyArt
((So old)) Lmfao but yeah :3 I was inspired by every person on those sites with their talent that I started my own in 2006 - 2007 and I love drawing and seeing people's art no matter the style or design! 

I can't stand art thieves, I had only had one in my life. Let me tell you I was not happy not at all >.> So I complained and they tried to say they were kidding... And said "No, I worked hard for my talent, you stole mine, joke or no joke don't do it ever again..." And she said sorry and left my art alone xD so yeah I guess I won! ( Such a small art life story but not much to go by it xD Sides from both parents drew, my brother draw's, my sister....... Well she is older than me and I expected her to be as good as me or even better, but no.. She is still a tracer.. =^=;; Oh well, at least I know I am good xD 

WELL THAT WAS MY STORY OF MY ARTLIFE!! I hope you all liked it!
  • Listening to: A lot of music xD
  • Reading: nothing, tho I am drawing :D
  • Watching: terraformars
  • Playing: nothing lol
  • Eating: nothing yet xD
  • Drinking: Water (My favorite drink)


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Elexia Brigitte Fontaine
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So, have been going through some PTSD issues recently, and I have to say that drawing is best therapy <3 helps me relax and calm down from my haunting memories and helps me with finer detailing and focusing on on a new art style or trying one out! Either way, I shall keep drawing for my sanity xD


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Hi. Thank you kindly for the watch. I appreciate it. Llama Emoji 27 (Awesome) [V2] 

I read your bio in DeviantID. It's true that drawing is therapeutic. XD
ElexiaBrigitte Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you! Lmfao, as a person who suffers from C-PTSD, and Bi-polar,  I feel very true to that saying, because it can very much so calm your mind and put you at peace <3 
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Fellow Canadian! :3c
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Yush! :3c I tis a fellow Canadian <3 Born from  Bells Corner, Ottawa, Ontario.

But now live in Winnipeg Manitoba xD (Wooo....... *Sarcasm*) xD
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Chibi Kioko thanks you for watching by chaoschrome  
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You're most certainly welcome :3c
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