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本素材可以使用 但禁止一切形式的转载


You can use it, but please don't move, and don't claim them as your own.

Credit is necessary, and link back please.
© 2010 - 2020 eleven1627
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Warning: Once you start reading you cant stop.
One day Laura was surfing the internet when suddenly a new tab came up. Laura was confused because she didint click on a new tab. She clicked on it out of curiosity. There was nothing on it but a black screen. Her mouse seem to dissapear as well. So laura tried to turn her computer off and on assuming that it was broken. But it would not turn off. Suddenly a picture of her mother popped up on the computer screen. Then the pictures eyes started bleeding. The more she looked at it, the scarier it got. Then the room filled with a high pitched noise. Laura tried leaving her room but the door would not budge. The noise grew louder and louder until Laura coudnt take it anymore. Her dead body was found on the floor when her dad came home from work. Copy and paste this to atleast 10 plz accounts or you shall suffer the same fate as Laura. Dont beleive me?

Case #1 Cindy:
She saw this and refused to do it. BIG MISTAKE. One day she was swimming and she bit by 2 sharks. She is now in the hospital recovering.

Case #2 Brian:
He only copyed and pasted this to 5 plz accounts thinking that he would be safe. He thought wrong. When he went to look in the mirror, he saw a demonic barney. He was so scared that he fainted.

Case#3 Kimi:
Kimi obeyed this messege. One day she was walking down the street and she found a million dollar bill. She now lives a rich and happy life.

So basicly its like this:
No plz account-you will have the most painful moment of your life
0-5 accounts: you will have the scare of your life
10 and up: you will have the happiest moment of your life
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Vieln Dank
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好好好~~ 哎这边好多看不明白,不知道哪些能用哪些不能~~
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本素材可以使用 但禁止一切形式的转载

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Love it. thanks for sharing!
NEYNE-BLOMMAStudent Photographer
thank you!
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