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 Commission status: CLOSED due to workload

> > General Commission Info < <

Send me a note with description:
- Type of commission you want (Full body/portrait/other)
- Style you want (realistic/anime/other. Please link me a style reference)
- Describe you character(s) in few words
- Visual references of your character(s) are required! 
  Additional refs of the pose/environment/etc. are very welcomed!
- Your PayPal email adress

★ If you want to commission me any specific stuff but you haven't found info in this entry, just ask me C:

- I will do a sketch and send it to you first
- During sketching stage any revisions are allowed
- Once you've accepted the sketch, please send me payment in full via PayPal (USD only)
- After the payment is processed, I will finish up your commission
- I don't do any serious changes after the sketch has been approved (only if I make a mistake in coloring or such)

- The process can take between few days to a month, depending on my workload, so please take patience C:
- I'll keep you updated on the progress and tell you when the picture is started and near done
- If there is a strict deadline, please inform me (in case of urgency extra charges may appear)

- Payments via PayPal and in US dollars only
- Please notify me when you've sent the payment

★ Points below are for personal non-commercial commissions. If you're interested in commercial work, feel free to contact me via notes or e-mail С:
- These сommissions are for personal use only and not for sale
- You're not allowed to resell, reproduce or edit them
- You can upload the art as long as it's properly credited
- I may upload it (as well as process steps and sketches) to any of my online galleries (crediting you as the customer and the owner of the character)

- R-18
- Mecha
- Gore
Tattoo design
- Any offensive content such as racist, sexist, homophobic, religious, political end etc.

Refunds permitted only in case if you cancel commission at the early stage (I will give you back only 50% of the payment)



All prices are approximate and vary depending
on complexity and required style



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TschuleSmash's avatar
Oh noooo! I missed my chance :(!
Dang it, hopefully I'll be fast next year.
eleth-art's avatar
Don't be upset, I might open them this summer, just have a lot of work to do in upcoming months =)
Broeder-RPG's avatar
Not sure if I would consider religious or political artwork "offensive," even if you'd rather avoid drawing them to prevent taking sides. :D
Anyway, beautiful gallery. I love the colors you use.  Unfortunately, anything I commissioned would probably be more commercial in nature, so I'm not sure I can request based on the terms. Love your paintings, though. Keep up the great work! I look forward to seeing more of your artwork. Little Pixel Heart 
Pwips's avatar
It is against the TOS of Paypal to charge others, or expect them to cover any Paypal fees, I'm afraid ; n ;
And too many transactions through "family and Friends" can get your account Banned (and possibly the senders, as well).
I just want to warn you, I've seen it happen to a decent amount of people, and it sucks.
eleth-art's avatar
Thank you very much for the warning! I've been working like that for years, but never faced such a problem, nor my clients did. I guess I don't earn that much via paypal to make someone interested in my poor cashflow, hahah =) Anyway, I'll think about this problem. I have nothing against payments as for "services", but in that case I'll have to add 3-10$ to commission prices to cover transaction fees.
Pwips's avatar
Me as a Customer I don't mind covering the Fee, because as an artist i hate that they take my money too.
I just don't want people getting in trouble. I am glad nothing bad has happen thus far!
Please don't change anything on my account :> I just wanted to warn you in case you didn't know.
I'm surprised you don't earn much, your art is amazing! and the price is just right, I think.
eleth-art's avatar
I'm agree with you at all points, just didn't want to raise my prices because of fees and also never heard of account banning. But if you say there is a real problem, I will pay attention to it and correct my commission info, thanks again!
Hahah, it's hard to call me a man of wealth, I work primary for local market, and extra jobs or commissions via paypal are pretty rare =)
Simetrah's avatar
Oooiii mne bi tak hoteles kupit u tibia risunok ! But infortunately i'm just a poor student, i guess i'll have to wait :') but anyway udachi c prodagemi ! U tibia talant :heart: (sorry for the strange russian/english mix)
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