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redhead curls

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Awwww.. lovely, Curly red hair is the prettier one!! Heart La la la la :) (Smile) 
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I love this......
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Hot redheads for the win!
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I love it that your avatar changes when you fav something!! That's awesome. Love ur style keep up the good work!
That's pure awesomeness :) Really beautifull!
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I love the thickness of the hair and the way it frames her beautiful face...
and the peacock blue is so beautiful... love it!
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This is gorgeous! Really! Would it be okay if I used it to make an icon for a forum? (with proper credit of course!) If it's not, not problem, I understand perfectly! :)
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Thank you very much! :D
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oh my God she's charming!!! love blue eyed redheads sooo much!!!
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so beautiful, i love the intense aqua blue of the eyes and how it contrasts with the soft red-oranges in the hair
So delicated!
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This is full of life.
Maybe because of her hair color (after all, red if full of "life"), or perhaps the looks of hers, the glance she casts at us...
I don't know, but I feel really moved by this portrait.
I'm kinda weird. >nO
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thank you very much! ^^
I love seeing pictures with fellow redheads yay!
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holy mothereffin shiet.

This is amazing.
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