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May 26, 2021
Little thief by eleth-art
Featured by lovelessdevotions
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Little thief


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Bootlegsloth's avatar

It looks like it’s ripped straight from a dream! It’s so good! (0u0)

eleth-art's avatar

Thank you! ^_^

Fishermen talk about "the fish that got away", the woman on the roof can talk about "the bikini top that got away". ;P

I'd like to read the real estate listing for that place. "Close to water, charm, lots of wildlife, floats (mostly)."

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geekymooseArt's avatar

Omg so many things are happening! Really like it :) Super cool

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Весело тут во время "апокляпсиса" :^)

all those cats and that duck still gat in?!

if it was a goose i'd make a honkers joke...

awesome picture!!!

eleth-art's avatar

Thank you! These cats are fed too good to chase ducks :D

you're welcome!!

cullyferg2010's avatar

I'd say their lakeside cabin got a bit flooded from all those recent rains. At least that one broom can get them to shore for supplies. Now, what spell can they use to restore this place on dryland?

Theeartistkid's avatar

Congrats on the daily deviation!

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jusst-vissiting's avatar

I'll think of it as a display of optimism. But... there is so much there!

This is really cool. Not only is there a little bit of sexiness courtesy of Mr. perverted duck, but the scene overall has a lot of great little details. From the sunken house to the cats just casually chilling around to the double moons to the witch's broomstick and pirate rubber-ducky... there's enough here to stimulate one's imagination for what sort of story this takes place in.

eleth-art's avatar

I'm glad you noticed all the details, thank you C:

MajorO's avatar

This is wonderfully whimsical. There must be a story behind it.

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Dilucwashere's avatar

Woah that is so cool 😎

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