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GuiStyle for Trillian Astra

GuiStyle for Trillian Astra is based on the Visual Style of the same name created by JJ Ying. JJ has kindly allowed me to bring GuiStyle over to Trillian 3.1 and now, Trillian Astra (4.1). You can see the original VS here: [link]
Many thank you's to JJ. Ying for allowing me to port his Visual Style [link] to Trillian! There are eight (8) themes/color schemes to choose from, and plenty more can be added with a few tweaks. Please leave a comment if you download, and be sure to add this to your favorites should you enjoy it :)
To install, download the file and either open in WinRAR (or a similar program) and extract the 'GuiStyle' folder to \Trillian\skins OR download the file and rename it to 'GuiStyle.TSZ' then double click the newly renamed file and it should automatically install in your \Trillian\skins folder.
If you find any problems, be sure to message me and I will try to address them as quickly as possible.
JJ.Ying: [link]
A Place of My Own: [link]
© 2006 - 2021 ElessarBarton
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Walking down memory lane :)
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Indeed, so long ago :) Thanks for the comment!
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Thanks for this skin , I loved it,  I have one problem though , after the install the main window was there, but when I restarted it again the main window disappeared and I can't get it to show up again. I uninstalled trillian  a few times and removed everything from the reg manually but it still won't show up.  Any ideas on how I can fix that ? I haven't installed the skin back either . Thanks in advance. :)
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Unfortunately GuiStyle is not 100% compatible with the new Trillian (version 5). I'm slowly converting this over so that it is compatible. I'll be sure to post an update as soon as that happens :)
Trillian told me this wasn't a valid skin?
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Which version of Trillian are you running?
The newest version.
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It looks great! My only issue is the service icons in Trillian 5 don't match.
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The icons used in the preview are from an old (outdated?) icon pack. You *should* be able to select a different icon pack, check out the official Trillian forum, one might be floating around for Astra
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If I wanted a purple and dark skin, how would I edit that?
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Depends on how dark you want the skin and what parts you want purple. I'll try to get back to you after a bit of testing.
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Hi... I had been using this skin for several years, pretty much since it came out. I recently updated first to Trillian Astra 4.1, and then the 5 Beta, with a paid account on Windows 7. The only skin that I can use is the red one; I don't get the option for the other colors. I tried both options for installing it; the GuiStyle.TSZ method locked up and crashed both 4.1 and 5. Any idea what the problem is? I really miss using this skin. :(
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Are you sure have activated Pro within Trillian itself?
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hi, just two things. firstly, thank you, i've been using this skin for a long time now and i really adore it. i mean, it's so clean and aesthetically pleasing to me that i have used it while [secondly] ignoring an issue that i can't seem to get around.

i use guistyle dark, and everything but the drop down menus seem to be in order. the drop down menus are black text on black background - only when mousing over the text does it (the text) show up in white. this seems to be the case for all skin variants except for straight-up guistyle. do you have any idea what might cause this? i've tried looking for answers and tweaking settings every which way, but this is something i just haven't been able to rectify.
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First; thanks for the praise! :D

Second; There are a few issues with dark skins on Trillian. To my knowledge there is no way around it but I don't really keep up with the Trillian skinning scene anymore. There really isn't a fix without completely re-writing the skin in XML and adding custom items, sorry.
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It won't let me change the skin color for some reason.

Any ideas how to fix that?
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Unfortunately themes are only available for Trillian Pro users. However, Trillian Pro is actually on sale right now for $15. Definitely worth it, some great Pro-only features; [link]

It;s also free with TrialPay, definitely something to check out.
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Ok, I might look into buying Trillian Pro.

But thank you anyways.
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Not a problem. This was a bit issue us skinners had when Cerulean Studios announced that themes would be Pro-only. It's a great product, especially for $15, but it still sucks :P
it doesnt work with astra
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Unfortunately no, it doesn't. Now that i have a bit of free time i'll look into converting this for Astra :)
yea i figured that when i tryed it and i had to do some account editing to fix it
great job, the colors are awesome
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