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Daily Deviation
April 11, 2006
Want to dress up your Trillian in some bold colours? GuiStyle for Trillian by ~ElessarBarton is a very well-skinned pack of 6 colours, ported from JJ Ying's awesome VS. Great stuff!
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GuiStyle for Trillian Astra

GuiStyle for Trillian Astra is based on the Visual Style of the same name created by JJ Ying. JJ has kindly allowed me to bring GuiStyle over to Trillian 3.1 and now, Trillian Astra (4.1). You can see the original VS here: [link]
Many thank you's to JJ. Ying for allowing me to port his Visual Style [link] to Trillian! There are eight (8) themes/color schemes to choose from, and plenty more can be added with a few tweaks. Please leave a comment if you download, and be sure to add this to your favorites should you enjoy it :)
To install, download the file and either open in WinRAR (or a similar program) and extract the 'GuiStyle' folder to \Trillian\skins OR download the file and rename it to 'GuiStyle.TSZ' then double click the newly renamed file and it should automatically install in your \Trillian\skins folder.
If you find any problems, be sure to message me and I will try to address them as quickly as possible.
JJ.Ying: [link]
A Place of My Own: [link]
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Walking down memory lane :)