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Alien Technology

Alien technology is a port of David Knott's WindowBlinds skin. With permission and help from the Trillian community, i have been able to make a fine looking skin if you ask me. Like anything in life, this skin is not if there are any bugs or problems, report them to me at [] By the way, if you download (which i hope you do) PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT :p

Note: This skin includes the Tomethicons icon pack by Tometheus. So thats why the file size is 1.2 mb. But its worth it :p ;)

*UPDATE 2* (2/26/06) - screw the update, im moving on to a new project...oh and on a side note, there s a 'Blue/silver Technology' floating around the net...i DIDNT MAKE THIS, i gave permission to someone to modify it and they did a horrible job. I've gotten countless emails asking for help on how to fix it...i plan to 'eventually' make an OFFICIAL Blue Technology...but for now...enjoy Silver and Alien Technology :)

*UPDATE* - i hope to release a 'slight' graphical update/upgrade soon, so stay tuned!
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I just wanted to say I love this skin... it works on trillian 5 but somethings dont show...
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Thank you. I've been quite busy lately and haven't had time to correct v5 issues. It IS on my todo list though :)
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I'm going to try this in 4.0.
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It doesn't work. It will be the next skin I work on and update for Trillian Astra (4.0).
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Oh. I got it to load, it just looks a little strange.
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No complaints about this skin. I've been using it for quite some time, and it's.... FUCKIN' AWESOME!!!

ElessarBarton's avatar
Thanks for the kind words :)
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this is so awesome, i just had to use it. thank you
you love technology right ! great , look i have a favor to ask ?, i am talking to all the people in deviantart , i need to know how the attachment in yahoo works ? if you know anything that can help , useful websites anything , please .
thank you ,arigatou*-*
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Beautiful job man. Great work.
I've downloaded a couple of the skins that you have made for Trillian. They all look sharp and are easy to use. I am always changing my desktop themes around, and thanks to you, my Trillian always matches. Thank you for taking the time to share!
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Very good skin!
Loving the skin except; In my chat window, the person chatting text is black and I can see it. Any idea?
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This all depends on if you have your text formatting setup to overwrite what other users are using...
foreverwhiteknight's avatar
this skin is awesome. I just upgraded from Trillian Pro 2 and it's just an awesome skin, shows off all the new Trillian Pro 3 features and the colors of my old T2 skin :D
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i used that skin for arround 3month it´s just awesome :D
damina's avatar
downloading it *would love purple lol*
Ant1tti's avatar
I would absolutely love a blue version of this theme. :D
ElessarBarton's avatar
I 'might' make a blue version...we'll see :)
visualize-this's avatar
I just installed the windowblinds alien technology skin and just had to make trillian match so I got on to check for skins and within 5 minutes I was here and that's fucking awesome. great fuckin' skin dude!
silver-tek's avatar
yeah i silver and blue theme would be freakin sweet. if u make one, ill definatly dl it, fits my themes perfectly
ElessarBarton's avatar
If its at all possible, i never want to work on Alien or Silver Technology again :P
silver-tek's avatar
damn really, it would fit soo perfectly, but w/e its cool
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