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Nicole Watterson
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Published: September 3, 2018
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The cat mom is ready to Nya on ya.

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DarthLangdon|Student Digital Artist

Nyan Nyan

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JOELwindows7|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Dear, Rafa Knight a.k.a Elesis-Knight.

I am Joel Robert JUSTIAWAN, Founder and CEO of Perkedel Technologies. To represent entire fellow in the family.


Sorry, We are not going to discuss company right now. Let's go to the point here.

I should be from now and today be honest for my feeling. However, as a future professional, we have a rule that we are not allowed to over-immediately act foolishly furious in front of public like an angry female in her period.

Now, I should tell you that I am seriously disgusted with your behaviour on your life as a 3D artist. I saw your catalog of your arts that could be downloaded. Many of them aren't free.

Though, it doesn't mean we rant not free stuffs all the time. What we are talking about is how disappointed I am that you placed a paywall on soft copy of your 3D drawing and those are based on a character that is an Intelectual Property.

Did you know, if you want to make money out of someone's IP, that you should beforehand, contact the IP owner for the license and agreed both you and them for how should the money will be shared?

If you make things for free however, you do not need to concern for someone's license.

All your art are Extremely Duper Juber real Awesome!!! We all are not making jokes.
Infact we loved how these all looks. We could use this on all possible occassion: Games, Films, Architectures, etc.
and using IP of someone or original is the good way to go.

But again. many of those are not free. Only found that few of them are.

We do not ask you take all the offending arts down. We do not even have any power to sue you as none of your project is about our own IP.
All you have to do for our favors and everyone's favor (who also felt the same disappointed), is to make all your 3d drawing (On Patreon especially) be available for download FOR FREE, $0 REQUIRED, No need to subscribe monthly for cash. unless, you have license from official IP owner. So:
For the character that its IP belongs to someone else, none of yours, you must obtain a license from the owner of IP, pay the owner of IP, and agree how the money should be shared. If you do not want to pay for just a complicated license, YOU SHOULD not placed paywall, also know as, make it FREE ($0).
For the original character that the IP of that character is yours, you can keep it not free / yes free if you wish.

No. But I am serious. Either any of us, me, or someone else in this world will soon to email the IP owner and not for long time, you will get called to the table with a wooden hammer above it which sat behind, bunch of people in court uniform.

You can lose all your financials, money, and your life.

that's because you MADE MONEY OUT of someone's IP and the money you made has been so huge, just like an Everest.

Sorry, but we do not mean like someone tried to telemarket you. We don't have to.

But please, listen to your people. Soon or late, you may get the karma, and you'll hate it.

And after you managed to remove all paywall, we will give you bonus.

Unban you from our upcoming Website account
Unban you from our discord server
some VIP rewards like Premium account on our upcoming website, etc.

In conclusion:
Please, do not paywall on fanart based on someone's IP. You need license or just make it $0.

If you need alternative contact of me, please reffer to linktr.ee/joelwindows7 and choose one of the social media account. Recomended to not use Private Message feature so people can hear it out. Make sure to mention me.

Thank you for your attention.

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Man I love the art direction you went with this.

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NocturnalGoober|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You did a wonderful job on Nicole she looks so adorable! I tried 3D a long time ago in a class but i could never get the hang of it. Excited to see more of your models in the future.
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Ready? No she's not, you did the absolute god awfull under bare minimum work on her feet. Huge hands but NON EXISTENTIAL feet. Why the fuck do you have to cripple her by making her unable to stand up and walk? Can you imagine yourself with such hideous so called ''feet'' or more precisely therelack of, and be unable to move around because youre essentialy crippled? Why do you have to ruin your own fucking models with these hideous, atrocious, lazy, god awfull, incompetent flaws one after another? First it was the ''teenage'' or ''adult inkling that didnt look like one, absolutely butt fucked on the feet and other limb style proportions, then you fucked up by severely limiting Claire, even though choosing to do her was absolutely cringy and quite shit taste and shit choice to make. Grizzelda was a god awfull, absolute worst garbage thing you ever wasted time on and produced, and now  this. Imma have to kindly ask you, right here right now. Please, please, please fucking kill yourself you absolute fucking twat, pitifull fucking joke of a garbage shitty ass shit bellow bottom tier modelling fucking hack. End your life, get fucking killed, end your life you worthless maggot, stop fucking polluting everywhere with your bellow bottom of the barrel filth like this. If you intend to never do a proper job of what youre attempting, its better off you dont try at all, just leave, just stop, just quit, end your life, simply end your life your worthless unloved piece of shit. And the fucking cherry on top? You dont even share this shit, you dont port your filthy garbage nowhere, not on gmod, not on sfm, not on blender, fucking nowhere, you know youre making ugly flawed awfull looking trash and youre doing us a favour by not releasing it anywhere, but it doesnt excuse you for being a mentaly challanged retard in need of a bullet to the noggin. Get fucking killed you fuck.
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MMDemon|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Everything in this paragraph here is flawed. Who the fuck are you even?
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Dem hips...
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ilPocket|Hobbyist Digital Artist
She's really cute! Amazing work!
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hey Elesis, have you heard of astroboy?
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supersonicderp|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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is this a drawing or a 3d model
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then I love it she's so cute
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cool. You a fan of gumball?
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soulSmith1|Student General Artist
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Chilkad|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Seeing this made me smile so much. Are you going to do other Gumball characters too?
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KVDude13|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh boy here we go....
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StellarKnight1|Hobbyist Digital Artist
You did it again senpai! Izuku Excited Icon 
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this looks amazing :D
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Very interesting.
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Amazing! =D
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MichaelOKeefe1991|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nyan-nyan cuteness!!!!
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TheBritishTinDog|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Rapey Richard 
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