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I know - it's appalling, but this is my first entry of the new year, almost a month in - eek!

How is everyone? Did you have fun over the festive period? Have you stayed safe during the awful weather we had at the beginning of the year?

I've been busy working my day job and recovering from pig flu since my last journal. I've also been helping out my lovely boyfriend dotcoloncolon who has been beavering away at a website for me! It's looking so shiny already I want to show it off to you all but it's not quite done >_< and I wants it perfect precious before I unveil it!

I've been dead lazy updating my images too - although I've very little new stuff to show just yet, last week I had a brilliant time shooting with Whosyerdanny

Tomorrow I'm in London shooting at a training day organised to give photographers of every level chance to meet other photographers, experienced models and MUA's and to dabble with lighting they might not necessarily be able to get their hands on in a stellar location. Good stuff!

I am now off to bed to get a decent night sleep in prior to shooting!

One last shout out to ask that you check out dotcoloncolon he's a bit special to me and is starting to explore photography more nowadays, feedback is much appreciated.

Help him grow!

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Thanks so much for all the feedback, watches and favs I've recieved recently - I am trying to get round and thank everyone personally but it's taking forever! just wanted to know I really appreciate you stopping by!

Much love- have a great weekend

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Hello All,

I'm looking to arrange a series of tests in 2010 to develop my portfolio and keep it fresh.

Don't hesitate to get in touch if you've any ideas!

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... original oil painting for a ridiculous sum of money ...…

... because a. I am skint and b. I can't bear to part with it ...

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Of my most recent shoot!

It started something like this…

and ended a little like that…


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So, Welcome and Hello everybody!

My name is Tiffany and I've had a d.a account for yeeeeears!

I've recently decided to give it a spring clean and use it solely to showcase my modelling work.

I've been modelling for around 10 months or so ...

I'm not yer typical model - I have unusual features to say the least, but apparently there is something there that catches peoples eye so lets work it!

Unless stated in the description, all photos are taken by third parties - I am merely the face!

I provide links to all the fabulous people I've worked with so you can get in touch and give them the credit they so deserve!

Thank you for the astounding feedback so far!

Take care

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It's been a long time since I visited D.A ... I kinda miss it.

I'm still painting and drawing but hardly ever finish anything these days, let alone have the patience to photograph it and upload it.

Yes I'm a lazy bint.


So I think I'm going to bundle all my old work away, and just use this to show case both my modelling and photography work.


Hope you're all doing well

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As in my deviantart account has become .... :S

where i was working full time i had little motivation or enthusiasm to get down to painting or drawing ... i've immersed myself in photography because its so immediate.

however i've taken to uploading all my photos onto flickr rather than here ... for some reason i couldn't bear to see my d.a gallery with all its doodles being takenover by photos ... heh strange huh ^^;

i hope all are well, and i'll stop by again soon.

take care all



Thu Sep 13, 2007, 10:03 AM
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in rocksound

So yes, my boyfriends band 'Codes in the Clouds' have been featured in the exposure section of the October issue of Rocksound; a music magazine thats distributed on a national scale in the uk. (Y)

and my photo of them was used.

bit swish ^^;

im chuffed!


there are codes.

Mon Feb 19, 2007, 10:32 AM
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they lie in tatters


you need this.

alroight folks

Sun Nov 12, 2006, 3:59 PM
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sorry ive been away so long~

i have been inactive for ridiculous amounts of time in all fairness~ my creativity has been down cos my work load has been up.

A month ago i got myself a second job at a video rental place near me, that was another 14 hours alongside my 14 hours at Burtons on shoes ... then a week like i got another job ... a full time 9-5 thirty five hours a week. So for one week i did all three ... it almost killed me~ and so ive since given up Burtons ...

so now im just doing the full time job, which happens to be in banking ... how respectable am i?! and i have the other part timer ... thinking of giving that up though~ as much fun as it is, im fed up with not having time to myself ...

Im really annoyed cos i had some paintings i wanted to be getting on with~ one in particular featuring the lovely InKibus and FrockTarts ... who were absolutely blooming marvellous taking photos by the dozen for me to use in it ... im still going to do it ... just god knows when ... u_u


i was a bit of an office loner for the first couple of weeks at work ... but have since made two coolios friends~ Alex n Mike *thumbsup* legends~ the pair of them .... and i was out partying with my boss and cowork from the video rental place a week before i even started~

so thats all good

i hope you're all awesome folks, im missing d.a a bit ... and im missing out on all the work you've been submitting ... im sorry >_<

im going to delete everything in my inbox and start over i reckon ... make more effort to keep up

ill try and submit a couple of doodles soon ... like the ruler i made for myself at work featuring my desk mascot 'captain croak' aquired for me by said coolios work mates when they went to the comic con this a couple of weeks back ...


take care





Sat Aug 12, 2006, 1:48 PM

and get swing lessons. and jive. and jitterbug. and andand

awws~ i just wanna boogie~



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Wed Jun 21, 2006, 4:03 AM

ive been hideously inactive~ and uncreative.

Works been a bit heinous like~ i truely believe that the shoes are grinding away at my sole (<-shoe pun) and slowly but surely devouring every ounce of creativity i posess.

depressing thought eh.

on the upside, we have a half price sale~ so i now have a cage of sale racks to peer out of.



ive been writing~ but nothing of any worth, so i doubts ill be sharing~ and no doodles~ ... soon i shall finish both my Fool painting and my Icefire Painting and i shall share them and you shall see ive not been completely idle~

im going to camber sands this weekend .. *thumbsup* ... group of 10 caravaning it~

twister at midnight on the sandy shores of camber here we come~



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suicide beauty queen!

Wed May 31, 2006, 5:53 PM



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upon inkage

Sun Apr 30, 2006, 8:04 AM
my poor neck~ headbanging is detrimental to your health ... especially if you want to be able to move the next day!

So yes~ i have my tattoo. ^_^

im fairly pleased~ it looks rather super, which lots of lovely people pointed out yesterday~

it took about two and a half hours~ and yes of course it hurts.

Anyone who tells you it dosnt hurt is lying~ but the levels of pain varies a lot~ and to be fair, the majority of them were bearable (i managed to sing along to the chilli peppers so it cant have been that bad!). the most painful bit was the edges of the wings~ towards my armpits ... that was cause for a bit of swearing~

I think the worst bit though was when he worked on the lowest part of the wings~ my ribs started to vibrate and that ACtually felt digusting. It wasnt painful ... it just felt vile. I think my kidneys were shaking. o_O


Also~ when people say it hurts most across the bone~ i found the opposite, the bit on the edges were on the fleshier part of my back, the bone was better because it was braced against something ... make any sense?

Sadly i ache today .... but funnily enough, thats only remotley related to the tattoo~

Friday night, electric ballroom sin city~ clubbing. Muchos headbanging=aching. Yesterday bending over whilst he gouged my flesh ... got a crick in my already stiff neck. Then more headbanging yesterday in the freezing cold @ the Dartford all dayer. raars.

my thighs ache too. probably from the wigglage on friday and the standing all day yesterday ...

anyways~ i hope you are all splendid my dears~ once again im muchos behind with all your wonderful deviousness~ and my own has been pushed aside for a little while ... or should i  say turned to another direction?

I started drum lessons on thursday~ and my friend and i are set to turning some of my poetry in songs, with piano accompaniment

new direction folks?

anyways muh dears~ i shall be off now~ take care all



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hmmsss~ flickr?

Wed Mar 15, 2006, 8:52 AM
it wont work on myspace or here forthatmatter~ grrr

Those flickr badges are rubbish, the html doesnt work anywhere~ rubbish

on the upside---->

im going to see Bill Bailey on friday~ ^____________________________^




WELL~ not exactly ...

Tue Feb 14, 2006, 5:59 AM
a card but ...


i hope folks have a wicked dayyyyy~ i shall be slaving over a hot stove~ ouch! ^_~

Ive not been around much~ muchos apologies, ive been working loads~ covering for my boss who is on jury service, meep~!

I shall return soon, hopefully with a few picos and a load of feedback for all the wonderful work you guys have been doing





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Sat Dec 31, 2005, 7:22 PM

Happy New Year all~



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Tue Dec 27, 2005, 6:10 PM

Tomorrow im going go the tattoo parlour to see about getting a tatt~ ^__^

should be funnnn~ ive found some perdy designs~ and have totally changed my mind about what i was originally thinking of getting~ ive gone from the lower back to the upper back and im contemplating getting a small pair of wings~ eee o_O

Anyways~ i hope you have all had a merry Christmas~ what have you been up tio? i havent been around in ages~ did you all get wonderful things?!?!


oooh~ and if anyone is any good at desigming tattooossss o-o

eh hehe


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im dye-ing~ perhaps.

Mon Nov 28, 2005, 7:24 AM
Well actually im not sure~ to dye or not to dye~

Im contemplating dying my hair~ dark brown/black with red :O

a bit emo/scene~ but could be fun!

I have been inspired by myspaz~ and the wonderful thewhitepony who has marvellous schunky hair~

I apologise for the terrible pun in somewhat poor taste~ i hope you didnt get the wrong idea ^^:


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