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Mick 'n Min Other World Meme
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Published: March 31, 2011
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PHEW, this was a lot of work. Drawing it and inking it was an absolute joy, but whenever I get to the coloring stage on anything suddenly the work becomes a real chore. I think it's because I usually like to draw/ink on paper, and when I'm working on a computer I get distracted easily. Anyway, lazy coloring on this, but hey - it's done~!

This meme is supposed to be for OCs, but as I have discussed previously in my own personal head canon this is what Kingdom Hearts really looks like: the king and queen rocking it as an adventurous married couple who travel the universe together. I would have drawn all these eventually, but the meme provided a wonderful, colorful template. So thank you, ~ImageC0rrupt3d. :3

Of course if I ever draw these forms again I'll probably be making changes for the better (especially with the colors, lol). Also I figure that whenever it's just Mickey and Minnie they stick with red and blue as their colors, but when they're with the whole gang Minnie's color is pink so that Donald can have blue and Daisy can have purple (Horace should totally have orange and yellow should go to Clarabelle - they need love tooo). Someday I gotta draw some adventure outfits for everybody else, yup.

So, I totally cheated in two areas on this meme. xD I know for Beast's castle you're supposed to draw your characters as objects, but I figure King Mickey and Queen Minnie could probably get around that with their major diplomatic skills. Pride Lands I was also supposed to draw them as animals, but I just didn't wanna. So you get Lion King on Broadway style, HURRAY. :dummy:

One last note - I drew these out of order, so Agrabah and Atlantica being similar was a total accident. Agrabah was supposed to be more of a mutual kiss but I didn't want to cover up Minnie's outfit with Mickey's hands. So I made up for it with Lion King makeouts.

Aaaand I think that's everything worthy of noting. Enjoy~! :heart:

Blank meme by ~ImageC0rrupt3d : [link]
Mickey and Minnie belong to Disney
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mx-ntStudent Digital Artist
Meme link is dead ;-;
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GlitterLambsHobbyist Digital Artist
aww mickey and minnie! Very CUTE! Love Love Love this!
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StrangeCristalHobbyist Digital Artist
When I try to draw these two they look like something would come at you in your sleep paralysis 
StrangerDoggos's avatar
StrangerDoggosHobbyist Filmographer
Cute as hell ohmygod-
MarioAntonioB's avatar
MarioAntonioBStudent Digital Artist
Romantic and adorable <3
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This is frickin' adorable <3
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jadedacatl106Student General Artist
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GottabeperfectHobbyist General Artist
This is fantastic and I love it all
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MariathekittenStudent Artist
What are all the worlds names?
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cowgirlspyHobbyist Filmographer
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CJCroenHobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh this is too cute X3
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lightyearpigHobbyist Artist
Really funny.
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SugarBitHobbyist Traditional Artist
The detail in all of them is amazing<3
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I think my favorite pair is Halloween Town and Land of Dragons. 
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WyverndemonHobbyist General Artist
:eager: The joy! oh the joy!
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I just died a little! :faint:

I love it when people do character redesigns and costumes! These are so lovely, and the poses are darling! Especially the Coliseum one.

Ahhh~ Fantastic job!
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davidboreHobbyist Traditional Artist
Nice job, this looks like it was a lot of work.
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sketchinsparrowHobbyist Digital Artist
I think Wonderland is my favorite!!
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LoonataniaTaushaMayHobbyist Traditional Artist
THis is awesome
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Really neat picture you got going on here.

I like the various outfits they have on, and the hidden nod to the Playboy Bunny in Minnie's Wonderland gear was brilliant.
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Kittychan2005Hobbyist General Artist
aww that is soo cute <3
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HadleyFoxHobbyist Traditional Artist
Lovely! I love the Agraban one!
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