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Snape at Fa Ling's

My best in the Snape-getting-fed category. It made me giggle, so I hope it'll do the same for you. I picture him going to eat every week at this hidden-away little stand in Diagon Alley, or even Muggle London, and the little proprietor would take a shine to him. She'd send him home with peapods in duck sauce with crispy noodle.

I had fun drawing the little hanging charms.

Drawn on the back of a concert flyer, colored in Adobe.
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This makes me very happy and I have returned to look at it again many times for more happiness.  Thanks for sharing it.
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Oh this is adorable, and the food, oh it looks so good.  You are making me very hungry for noodles. :)
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if this is a chinese eating establishment, then how come she is wearing a japanese Yukata. i dont know if this is completely true, but there are no version of chinese dress and Quipao that crosses over the front and has an obi tied in the back. two different ethnic groups. doesnt fit the picture. AT ALL.
and i assume this is a Chinese eating establishment because the japanese dont serve wantons. other than misunderstandings of ethnic culture, this is a humorous picture. though i dont think snape has ever eaten out of hogwarts and hogsmead xD who knows, maybe he has some secret love for asian cuisine XD
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The reason is that I drew this when I was a teenager and had no in-depth knowledge of Chinese or Japanese culture, which is clearly your forte. If you're looking for accuracy, you may look for someone brighter and more dedicated than I.

A secret love for cuisine was the idea behind the cartoon.
Doll-Of-Murder's avatar
yay!! i guessed right xD besides this picture can you imagine snape sitting at a table in a chinese food establishment <-( i hate this word. but i cant seem to spell resturaunt correctly today) eating everything they have on menu? xD the thought gives me gigglies xD
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or i should say because one of my current statements sounded slightly rude: "wantons are a chinese cuisine. not japanese"
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thats hilarious. :D
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This made me LOL (it was kinda embarrassing actually ma mum was like WAT?!) This is adorable :la: I can just imagine walking into a Chinese restaurant in Chinatown (London) and seeing this, I would actually die of laughter! :rofl:
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Ha! Glad you liked it!
BritsMc13's avatar
Haha, sounds like my grandma when she's trying to feed me :D (She's Chinese, BTW)
elephantblue's avatar
I feel you, my mum's the German version of that.
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God, this would've been so adorable XD
spaghetti-legs96's avatar
Haha I so wish this was in the films!
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This is so cute!
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Makes me happpppppy :)
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funny and very cute :heart:
TurtleSensei's avatar
SO CUTE! And the noodle shop lady is adorable! Very cute idea!
000Raven000's avatar
That's super funny! I bring you nice crispy wonton! :D
Eliza-Aacher's avatar
I love the idea of this. :love:
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Aw this is adorable, i like the idea of it.
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He seems a bit confused at her kindness, though his confusion makes for a very cute expression! Asian-type themes always get me, especially when dealing with a theme that would usually be so un-Asian. Great job!
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I love This Picture! :+fav:
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