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Somewhere Safe

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The rain animation is done really well. :thumbsup: Especially the drips on the window. :) 
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This is so pretty oh my gosh.
crystalgreenejr's avatar
oh my god this is so perfect
hrfarrington's avatar
That looks unbelievably cozy *-* I wanna be there :D
0ktavian's avatar
I'm so in love with your artstyle ;a;
EarthAtTheEnd's avatar
*sneaks up behind and hugs* you look like you need a hug.
HelenRosa's avatar
Which programm do you use?
KittyCupcakeO3O's avatar
So perfect I'm in love with your art ;w;
How many years have you been drawing?
Also do u use a tablet for drawing?
Just curious I'm sorry :'D
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GabiTozati's avatar
this is awesome! and makes me feel so comfortable :heart:
SCC-Sans-nom's avatar
Amazing!!!! So beautiful!!
thalle-my-honey's avatar
Beautiful ♥
Please tell me, how many pictures did you need to animate the rain?
unawaretortoise's avatar
That chair looks so squishy and comfy....

But seriously though, good job establishing a calm, mellow mood with this! Its really great!
nooroodle's avatar
i really love the mood of this piece : ) its so relaxing
Western-Witch's avatar
Oh my god I love all of your Draco fan art. <3 I love love love how much emotion you put into it. Sometimes we forget how bad Draco had it. <3 Gorgeous piece of work here. The lighting, perspective. The gentle animation of the rain. It all works so beautifully. <3 
Ndzoodzoo's avatar
Looks so cozy. I love the rain effects.
MajorasMasks's avatar
ElanessaTheCat's avatar

Your Draco!
charming and super-calm
PrinceProcastinator's avatar
screams and crying at the same time// So perfect ;-;
V-auxiliatrix's avatar
 okay i really love this alot hhhhh
RealmeNevertobeseen's avatar
Curled up like a kitty (or a ferret) 
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