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Working on some Limbo fanart next because I absolutely love that game. This is just a quick sketch I did for experimenting. I think I may switch pewdie and cry's places, what do you guys think?

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:bulletblue:more pewdiecry artwork of mine [link]
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Pewdiepie and Cry
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wyncalledchara|Hobbyist General Artist
I was playing that with my friend at two in the morning and I saw the spider and ran back, and my friend asks for the controller, and runs into the spider.

She's SoOo smart, amirigh?
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Underyne|Hobbyist Digital Artist
omfg I loved that game

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SoveriegnofTruth's avatar
Cry and pewds?
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Zecorathegreat|Hobbyist Digital Artist
OMG Pewds and cry so inspirational. 
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Gentle-Shadow|Student General Artist
Guy with Headphones: Dude, away, from the giant spider. (:| (Blank Stare))
Masked Guy: Awwww, but I wanna pet it. :( (Sad) Crying 
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TheLadyIssu|Hobbyist General Artist
Bleedrainbow SO FABULOUS
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KalieW|Hobbyist General Artist
Amazing art.. Heart 
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3KEILL3|Student General Artist
i think you should add cinnamontoastken being the one like trapped under one of the spiders legs XD 
just an idea though, this looks great as it is
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wow, and is tht a F****** SPIDER!!!!!
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Loooove this. Its so unique. Reminds of harry potter. the scene where they see the giant spider in the forest
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Zenrix's avatar
Makes me think of the Blind and the Deaf helping each other to overcome their own weaknesses.
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EdwardElric141|Hobbyist Digital Artist
That's awesome!
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Credendo-Vides|Hobbyist General Artist
Loved the game Limbo :)
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LyfeboyLimbo|Student Traditional Artist
great piece (:
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NeoCallie|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Omg yes awesome job
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SanaMax99|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
this is super awesome!!~ :D nice job
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BlackBasior|Hobbyist Artist
cuteness killed me C8
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ShotgunDeathLord|Hobbyist Digital Artist
That is soooo fucking good! ^_^
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thewolftroll|Hobbyist General Artist
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this would make an awesome PewdieCry story.
Pewdie: Dammit, Cry! What have I told you about walking off like that?
Cry: *looks down ashamed* ...sorry, Pewds.
Pewdie: *looks at Cry for a moment then smiles softly* Don't worry about it, Cry.
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WonderfulNonsense|Hobbyist General Artist
I love this. But I don't think you should switch it. Cry's a little more apt to stand and watch things happen, where I could see Pewds freaking out, and pulling him away. I think you should keep it how it is -- it's awesome!
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this is so cute i love it and the concept :)
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Love Limbo. Such an awesome game.
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