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Every Day

Paimon wakes up and chooses violence.🔪

help this game has consumed meee
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how do you call this brush for the lineart

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Just one little piece. . . pretty please.

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Fighting back for this year, one day at a time "

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When the emergecy food fights back

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PAIMON!!! <3

Discovered your art due to the contest, it's awesome.

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When life gives you lemons, cut that off and make mojitos...
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(read each individually)

I’ll Protect you.

You’ll regret not clicking that ‘fave’ button

Oh, you have no idea

You missed me, didn’t you?

You’ll be safe if you come with me.

You just TRY and eat me.

Please. Don’t toy with me.

Can you guess what I’m thinking?

You can’t play me.

Look who‘s sweet and helpless NOW?

Prepare to be slaughtered, boys.


Prepare to be slaughtered.

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"Who you calling emergency food now?"

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Instead of a happy wife happy life you get a Unhappy Wife with a knife!

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"fine,fine i will be emergency food..." *proceeds to commit sepukku*

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"Did you just call me emergency food?"

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"Hmm... you're not entirely useless tone-deaf Bard"

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"What do you mean hehe? you Tone deaf motherfucker."

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I can't help but think of that smug knife cat when I see this xD

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"This is my special cooking knife."

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"Paimon isn't emergency food.. but you might be!":happybounce:

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"When the Greeks call the cat you drew in the sky a horse"

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"My power is exponentionally increasing every single second as your blood and tears of pain flow to the floor,and there is nothing that you can do about it,now then,prepare for you death,weak one... :meow:"

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"Tonight I'm making spaghetti, and that unlucky bull outside is going to provide me with the meat balls."

- a young Paula Deen


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Paimon: "I'm making a new purge movie and guess what,? Your the Star of my show."

The Idiot: "Cool......when does filming start?"

Paimon: "Now!" ***Proceeds to jump at her Victim***

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There is no escape once you've entered XD Only the strongest (or those not into it) can run from its grasp

Also I see this was from the latest caption contest. Just wanna say that you nailed the face XD I think it also looks similar to the game's illustration style somewhat.

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